Looking for a Magento developer in South East Florida

Hello. I oversee a Magento 1 installation for a company who uses it heavily. We want to migrate it to Magento 2 which should be straightforward but we also have 2 external pieces of software we need to make sure it will still work with. That part may take some more deep diving. We’d love to find someone local to us because part of the external integration involves our use of QuickBooks Desktop and it’s really handy to have someone who can come into the office and help with that in person if needed. If you are interested, please send me your website. Thanks!

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This post for requesting a free Features and Widgets on Goomento

Guys, I created a Free Page Builder Extension for Magento – Goomento, but not much the installation at the moment, so I’m opening this post to really develop literally everything you want to get more installation and feedback. LOL

For whom – who doesn’t know what the F is this

Goomento is a Magento Page Builder Extension that allows you to create unique Magento websites, and landing pages bla bla …

GitHub: https://github.com/Goomento/PageBuilder

Just comment out which features or widgets you want me to add in the next version

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ANE? Images loosing inheritance scope in multisite after REST update to storeview scope

Just looking for a sanity check here, this was a bug in 2.3 that was addressed by MDVA-28763-V2, and was supposedly fixed in 2.4, but is still occurring for me in 2.4.4.

Basically in a multisite environment if you set a product custom attribute to the storeview via the `rest/:store_view_code/V1/products/:sku` api, the product attribute ‘image, small_image, thumbnail’ get copied to the storeview scoped values loosing their inheritance from default. This occurs even when no image information is passed in the api call.

so for example a product with image attributes only set a store_id = 0, gets duplicate assignments to store_id = 1 when the following rest payload is sent to the `rest/:store_view_code/V1/products/:sku` endpoint:

“product”: [
“sku”: “zebhdu”,
“custom_attributes”: [
“attribute_code”: “foo”,
“value”: “bar”

Am I going bananas?

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Plugin to create HTML tables without our users needing to code? Similar to Webkul Tables Attribute

We have thousands of products on our site and display data as a mix of tables created with Webkul Tables and a generic list.

Using the Webkul plugin we find is perfect for our staff as they can quickly and easily fill in the data in the M2 CMS without having to code an HTML table.

However, the problem is how the data is stored. In the database it is not stored as a HTML table, it is stored in a format similar to this:

{"wkrow-1192-1-1":"CPU","wkrow-1192-2-1":"1 x Intel Xeon E3-1220 v5 3.0GHz Quad-Core CPUs","wkrow-1192-1-2":"RAM","wkrow-1192-2-2":"32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 RAM", 

The issue with this is when I am trying to load data into our ebay theme. I use merge tags to pull across the content of Attributes and it works with almost everything as expect. The issue with the above is it just pulls through the raw wkrow data. If it was stored as HTML Table code it would work great.

Are there any plugins out there that would allow me to do this? Essentially let our admins create product info tables & the system saves it as the plain HTML code so I can merge it where I need.


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Product position not saving

Hello — I am runing Magento 2.4 and in Admin when I assign a numerical position to “Products in Category” and save, those changes don’t appear on the frontend.

I have tried a lot of different things in Display Settings: Anchor on, Anchor off, sorting by product name, sorting by price — nothing works and the products just stay displayed in the order they were added to the category.

Any ideas on this? Thank you in advance.

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M2: Change order of billing/shipping options

Is there a way to change the order of the billing and shipping address options at checkout. The issue is my cart uses flat rates that list options from a cvs file. The rules are simple, this country = this price. The only other change is in USA, Alaska and Hawaii have this rate, all else has this. City and zip or postal, have zero affect on rates.

Currently the list is:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Address 1
  4. Address 2
  5. Country
  6. City/Town
  7. Zip/Postal
  8. State

I would like the list to be:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Address 1
  4. Address 2
  5. Country
  6. State
  7. City/Town
  8. Zip/Postal

That way by step 6, best case 5, they have rates available to choose from.

Does the cart allow me to sort this order or is it more complicated than that?

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I’m going to leave Magento 2 after 4 years of working with it, is it worth?

Hi all.

So as title said, I got a job offer as Linux Server admin, I’ve been trying to move out from Magento because of it’s horrible architecture, but now that the real chance has arrived, I’m starting to hesitate lol, I know that more and more companies are starting to develop their own e-commerce with headless technologies and using custom backends.

Is it worth to leave Magento 2? do you think demand will increase? all of this years of creating custom modules, extending 1000 classes to achieve one simple thing, trying to guess what’s the name of the damn block you want to remove or pass arguments on the layout, its been frustrating but at the end I liked it, there is no way I could get the salary I’m getting right now without it.

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Fix slow reindexing on MariaDB

Reindexing on MariaDB 10.4 takes more time compared to other MariaDB or MySQL versions.
As a workaround, we suggest modifying the default MariaDB configuration and setting the following parameters:

optimizer_use_condition_selectivity = 1

With this parameters catalog product reindex finish after 7 sec, without 5 min !!!
It will be useful for those who use Mark Shust docker-magento:


image: mariadb:10.4






- "3306:3306"

env_file: env/db.env


- dbdata:/var/lib/mysql

extra_hosts: *appextrahosts


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Any advice for the Magento Commerce Developer Professional Certification?

Hi, I am a junior developer from the UK

Does anyone have any advice for said certification, as I will be doing this exam soon this year.

I have been studying Magento for nearly 4 months, and am running through all the topic areas. Making sure I am confident in each.

There are 6 sections here https://express.adobe.com/page/WBhc2rZlIxtWC/ I am making sure I am confident in each.

Any advice from people who have done it or a similar certification?


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