Need some help and Guidance regarding Magento SEO.

So to summarize: We had an agency create and migrate some of our stuff from the old website to a new website. But after a few months of running, we noticed a significant amount of decrease in oeganic traffic. After checking, we found out that thwy did not import any of the meta tags, like title description, etc.

We have a total of 121 products, but with variations, it will be over 5,916.

What we wanted to do first was go thru each of these 5,916 variations and products and insert our meta data manually. But what I formulated was that we only needed to add the meta data to those products that have this: Visibility > Category, Search

Instead of adding it yo variations which have: Visibility > Not visible…

I have two questions: 1. Is my understanding correct? That we only have to add the meta data to those with visibility > category, search?

  1. After changing the SEO data, how long will it take effect for us to see it on the url’s page source? I did change a few already, but I only saw the results for 1 product so far. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance!

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Abandon Cart – Third Party Recommendation for Multi Store?

So my cart uses a multi store setup and I am looking at third party abandon cart providers. I been using Amasty’s module for some time now and when it works it works but it’s also very flaky (at times nobody gets emails). I’m also trying to cut down on modules that access so much data, use up resources, etc.

I been looking at Marketplace to see what is out there. So far I’ve spoke to Magemail and ReCapture and both are saying that I need to create separate login accounts with their platforms, one for each storefront. It seems tedious. Obviously the stores have different email addresses and phone numbers for contact, looks and feels, etc and I would like to customize the user experience per store.

Does anybody here have third party abandon cart services that they use with a multi cart setup? Can they suggest a good company or service?


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Best approach for Catalog Price Rules in Magento 2?

Hi, we’re looking to set up a load of catalog price rules in our M2 store, to deal with trade pricing and regular discounts to products.

In M1, we had a lot of catalog price rules (approx 70 rules) and the indexing of those slowed down massively to the point it was getting stuck and not completing, so we had to move to use group pricing instead and set the prices at a product level in M1. Is this something that has improved any in M2?

If we have 50,000 products and 5 store views and we want to set up some discounts per brand, what’s the best way to go about this in M2? There seems 2 ways to do it, but which will work best?

1) We create a price rule for each level of discount, then add various brands and categories to the conditions for this. We’d end up with about 10 rules, but with fairly complex sets of conditions for each

2) We create a price rule for each brand, where the conditions are very simple, but we end up with more like 50 individual rules.

In theory the end result from both approaches is the same, but is there 1 method which is technically better than the other?



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Facebook Business Extension not giving correct pixel and catalog data.

We recently moved our webshop from Prestashop to Magento.

When we did this, we installed the Facebook Business plugin, so we could get Conversion API and our products in Facebook Catalog.

It is installed and we have the connection, however, we are experiencing som pretty big issues

– Pixel data values are 20% less than they should be. This could be due to the pixel gathering data without taxes, as this would match the price without tax

– Facebook Catalog completely messed up. Sometimes there are 200 products in the catalog, sometimes 50, sometimes 90. In addition to this, the prices are totally screwed, sometimes 50% less than they should be and sometimes 20%, 30% or 80%

I can’t find a solution to this, as I’m quite new to Magento.

What could the possible issue be?

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Magento 2.4.3 Upgrade: Am I being taken Advantage of?

Hello! I work for a small business. We outsourced our website development and management in 2018. They’re saying that some issues we’ve been having with the site are because we are still using 2.1.8 version of Magento, and it will cost us $4,312 or 35 hours of their work to complete the upgrade to 2.4.3. They want to create a staging version of the site and say it will take 4-6 weeks. Questions:

  1. Why wouldn’t they keep the site up to date this whole time? Is it fair to expect them to do so if we pay them money every month to manage the site and SEO…?
  2. Is this really how much time/money this costs? When I read articles about upgrading your site, it makes it sound like it’s easy/can be done in a day. We’re a family business and we don’t know enough to know if we should try to hire a cheaper independent dev to do this. PLEASE HELP! This is very stressful and frustrating and any context you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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Adobe halves their commission on Magento Marketplace

Just got email, it will be 15% instead of 30%

Quite good new for extension vendors

An upcoming reduction of the Commerce Marketplace revenue share

Thank you for being a part of the Adobe Commerce community.

Starting November 1, 2021, revenue share on Commerce Marketplace will be reduced from 30% to 15%. All purchases made after that date will have the new reduced revenue share percentage applied.

The increased developer revenue will be reflected in the sales reports containing November sales.

The installation and support services add-ons for flat-fee extensions will remain free of revenue share.

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What is the best way to migrate only the product data from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2?

A client wants the entire site redone in Magento 2 (no work has been started on this second site yet), except he wants/needs to copy over some data from the current site which is in Magento; what he wants migrated over is only the product data (products, their attributes, prices, categories etc).

What’s the best way to do this? I’ve read about this and it seems my options are:

  1. Editing the config.xml file and commenting out all the steps of migration except the necessary ones to migrate products, as discussed here:

  2. Migrating the whole database and just deleting the rest.

  3. Migrating the whole database, exporting the products into a csv, and then resetting the site, and then importing the csv that only has the products; this option is discussed here, by someone claiming that option 1 could be problematic:

There may be more ways to do it, but I haven’t found any.

It’s worth noting that the client does at some point want to personally edit some of the products/add new ones before the site goes up, and wants to do so in a csv format (so either way, at some point the DB will have to be sent to a csv and then uploaded after changes).

What’s the most straightforward approach, to avoid as many problems and roadblocks as possible? One of the above, or some other approach?

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End of one-off paid extensions era?

Got this email from Amasty today:

Following the pre-announcement of product subscriptions on Magento Marketplace by Adobe, we, along with the leading Magento extension providers, including Mageplaza, Aheadworks, Mirasvit, and Mageworx, are now ready to make a joint effort and rethink our approach to ensure continuous value delivery to our customers.

Starting February 1, 2022, we are launching product subscriptions.

All products within new orders will become available by subscription only, replacing the old “one-time-payment” model, and saving lifetime access to the original code base.

I understand providers motivation, but with that change Magento loses one more advantage over Shopify/BigCommerce.

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Backend product search not working due to length of search string

Hey guys, I accidently put a very large string from an Excel sheet I’m working off of and it seems to have broke my ability to search for products on our backend. I’ve tried logging in and out and refreshing our caches. Any ideas on how I can get back to work?

Link with picture of problem:

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M2 URL Rewrites – Best approach?

I’ve tried googling this and I seem to either get answers that are unrelated, or answers that result in a dead end. In Magento 2 the url indexer has been axed, so it seems like Magento wants you to simply manually save all your products and categories in the event you want to change a URL. This is obviously not ideal, as some stores can have hundreds if not thousands of products.

Can anyone propose or suggest alternative solutions for this? Is this something doable via the API? Is there some miracle extension that can provide this with imports?

Sorry if this is lacking details or information, but on M1 this was pretty much a no-brainer thing, to me. Run import -> run index -> done. But now there is no index, so….

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