Affirm CTA on Magento

So I work for a third part reseller of goods and I’ve noticed that over the past year customers using affirm to check out has increased significantly (probably dude to COVID).

Currently we have a CTA on our catalog pages saying “as low as X per month with affirm” under every product but out of everything on the page, it loads last. Pretty significantly too. Talking with Affirm, they say that we must have a clickable link when displaying “as long as X per month.”

I have two questions around this subject:

1) Has anyone else noticed a long loading time?

2) what kind of Affirm CTA works best for e-commerce websites?

We are on magento commerce on prem.

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Best Magento Hosting for USA with upgrade option

I am currently looking for a Magento hosting. The site is about to launch, and the expected traffic will be starting from 50 people per day to eventually few hundred. It will have around 250 products and eventually increase as well to 500.
Of course, it has to be:

– Fast
– Reliable
– Servers located in USA
– Upgradable (if traffic increases)
– Good price is a big bonus

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Magento payment method for MOTO that sends a payment request to customers?

Is anyone aware of a service that can be used with Magento to process MOTO payments in a way that is PCI compliant?
Ideally we would speak to a customer on the phone, set up an order for them, then send them a link to their mobile or email to input a payment by card or paypal. Bonus points if it can talk to Magento API and mark the order as paid automatically.

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Receiving Wrong Emails with the “wrong name”

Hi there,
Still new at learning how Magento works.
I have encountered several cases in Magento1 where people are receiving emails with the “wrong name.
There are 2 things I think might be the reason but can’t confirm yet: (a) something weird going on with IDs, e.g. changing email addresses or using $id, or (b) APIs related issue.

For example, the recipients name is Jon, but they receive an email saying “Hi Derek”.

Has anyone encountered similar issuer or know of what I could look at?

any help would be greatly appreciated

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New to Magento- question about shopping carts and sub-domains

Hi folks, thanks in advance for anything you can share here. I have a question from our marketing team about what’s possible with Magento. Before I start my Googling journey to answer this, I thought I’d check in here to see if anyone has insight.

We have a single Magento instance under a single domain name to facilitate a unified shopping cart. While we two have multiple brands, you can add a product from brand A and a different product from brand B into your cart for a unified experience. Our marketing team is having an issue with this because they can’t get the SEO targeting for each brand that they’d like. So, the question is can you run multiple domains on top of a single Magento instance (for the SEO, so I imagine there would be dynamic SEO fields in the page depending on brand hostname/domain) but still have a unified shopping cart?


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Anyone got any experience of working with Yopto in Magento 2?

We’re considering taking Yopto for a spin which largely seems built-in and integrated with Magento (2.4.x) but I’ve never come worked with a business that has used them before and can’t seem to find anyone that has got experience with them.

I was wondering if there is anyone here that has got experience of utilizing Yopto for reviews and ratings in Magento 2 and can offer any thoughts on whether it is painless or problematic (or anything else of relevance).

Our client was going to set up fully in Trust Pilot but it looks like Yopto offers a few features that would be of use to this particular client including cart abandonment and customer loyalty as well as the reviews/ratings management, automated emailing and onsite widget – hopefully which would all be marked up appropriately with review Schema etc.

I mean, it might be my naivety, but I like to think official integrations into the Magento core should run a lot more smoothly that third party integrating or custom solutions.

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Contact form at /contact/ <— how to use or move on from?

I notice that the contact form at Magento is listed as /contact/. I created a page called /support.html and it explains this is our hours, this is how you can contact us, etc. Then it goes if you want to email us, go here, and it goes to /contact/. I can add a cms block to the /contact/ page and I can add some nice text like, “fill out the form below to message us, blah blah blah” but the problem is, that /contact/ url has weak SEO. I was able to change TITLE to Contact Us but there is no meta description, it just uses the generic meta description for all pages with no meta description.

I guess I find this /contact/ page useless since I should just have the form on /support.html. I guess magento does not support this? Are there third party modules that will create unique contract forms and let me place them on any page, any block, as widgets? I would like to create unique forms depending on the situation like, “suggest a product, “submit a return”, “get help” and use the forms in different ways.

For now I’m just looking for what to do with /contact/. Do most people just make /contact/ their default support page or do they have two pages?

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I would like to hear some feedback about Hyva Theme.

It’s seem about 1 year after official release. I would like to hear some insight view about Hyva. And I also have some questions:

Is it worth to replace Luma development approach(~1000EUR)? Let me get into more detail:

  1. What do we gain?
    1. yeah, only one css file, js file load on FE page(lighter than Magento).
    2. As I know Hyva come with modern tech stacks. But how easy to move to TailwindCSS and alpineJs? does they document it in detail or just similar with the way Magento made their devdocs? How about their support, SLA?
    3. Hyva is still struggling with checkout page? On demo site: Luma checkout and React checkout. Why we don’t have checkout with TailwindCSS and alpineJs or is it in their roadmap?
    4. Speed: what is faster here? demo site, PDP and PDP page load is not faster than Luma. Not sure in demo site they have redis configured or not. If yes, it’s worst.
    5. Google Page Speed Insight: I remember I compare with Luma 2.4.x before. Luma’s score is a bit higher then Hyva demo. Not sure now.
    6. Reducing complexity: I don’t know how much about this.
  2. What are challenges?
    1. Adapting new stacks as above.
    2. 3rd party extension out there. I saw some Extension providers are converting their product to make it work with Hyva. But how many of them now?

Thank for reading and forgive me about my bad English.

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Forcing the stock status to in stock when not managing inventory

If we don’t want to manage inventory in Magento (2.4), then by default all products will show in the frontend but their default stock status is out of stock.

Is there a best practice way of ensuring that product stock statuses are in stock instead of out of stock (which I know is because quantity is zero but we don’t want to manage inventory).

The reason we want better control over this is so that all products are not sent to Google Shopping as out of stock.

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How do I dependency inject my “save product button”?

I’m creating an observer and I’m trying to connect it to saving a new product. If the product is new I’m trying to run a code, if not – skip.

Made an observer before save in creating a new product and after that I want to run the same code as shared catalog -> shared catalogs -> default -> set pricing and structure -> and just save without changing anything.

TLDR; I want the same effect as I hit save button on a new product and save button on shared catalogs.

This is my code:

<?php namespace CompanyNewProductReindexerObserver; use MagentoFrameworkEventObserver; use MagentoFrameworkEventObserverInterface; class NewProductObserver implements ObserverInterface { private $save; public function __construct(Save $save) { $this->save = $save; } public function saveFunction() { $this->save->execute(); } public function execute(Observer $observer) { $product = $observer->getProduct(); //$sku = $product->getSku(); $isProductNew = $product->isObjectNew(); if ($isProductNew == true) { $this->saveFunction(); } else { return; } } } 

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