HTML Sitemap Extension For Magento 2

A Sitemap is generally an HTML document, It allows you to navigate your website to customers with ease. Sitemaps basically have a list of pages and links that you choose to index on Google and other search engines.

In other words, Sitemap is a summary of the entire website. Simultaneously, Sitemap also contains information about every single page like its date, and when it has been last modified, the page’s relevance to other pages.

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Magento 1 End of Life – Braintree and Paypal Taking Action by End of Month. Is migration the only option?


I have a site that is still running Magento 1.9. I put a lot of time into the current website and have been putting off migrating to another platform. If I have to, I focus heavily on migrating off Magento to Shopify over the next few days, but I was wondering if it’s really necessary. I’ve been putting off taking action for some time, but I just got this warning e-mail from Paypal/Braintree at the beginning of the month that makes it sounds like I need to move off Magento or essentially go out of business! Are there other payment integration options that would allow me to keep running my Magento 1 store? I use Nexcess and apply fixes from their Safe Harbor program.

Here is the content of the e-mail I’m referring to:

We are following up on our previous communications with an urgent reminder that processing transactions with your Magento 1.x integration is no longer PCI Compliant.

Our records indicate your website is using a legacy Magento platform. Legacy Magento platforms have various security vulnerabilities and are no longer compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI DSS”). Pursuant to your Merchant Agreement with Braintree Payments, you are responsible for ensuring that your payment solution is in compliance with all card brand rules and regulations, including PCI-DSS.

We ask that you complete this upgrade no later than 30 days from this email.

Braintree is required to report your business as “High Risk” to the Card Brands and Regional Acquisition Banking Partners if you continue to process on Magento 1.x. Continuing to process on Magento 1.x will result in a funding hold or suspension of card processing.

Processing with a non-compliant integration can result in financial and operational penalties from the Card Brands that can significantly disrupt your business.

What Action Is Required?

You will need to migrate your e-commerce site to Magento 2 or to another platform as soon as possible. The following resources are available to guide you through the update process:

Magento 2 Platform

Follow the instructions on the Magento developer site to set up Braintree payment methods.

Alternate Ecommerce Platform

Please see our Partners page for a list of supported platforms.

How Does This Impact You?

Continuing to process with Magento 1.x puts your business at risk of the following:

Your site is operating as “non-compliant” for failure to adhere to PCI DSS Requirements 6.1 and 6.2

No new code upgrades or security patches will be provided

Your site may degrade and become unstable

Extensions or plug-in functionality may break or become unavailable

Exposure to security risks and increased likelihood of an account data compromise, will result in the need to hire a PCI Forensic Investigator for which you are financially responsible

The ‘Magento Commerce Software End of Support FAQ‘ outlines the merchant responsibility:

Once a version of Magento Commerce software is no longer supported, it falls out of PCI compliance, and it is your responsibility to re-certify compliance. Merchants may be subject to fines or removal of credit card processing ability if you are unable to update vulnerabilities from regular scans and penetration testing.”

It is vital that you update your integration as soon as possible to avoid any fines or disruptions in processing through your Braintree Gateway.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

-The Braintree Team

I know Magento 1 is dated, but surely there are others in the same boat?

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magento2 errors (plz help to solve this)

1 exception(s): Exception #0 (Exception): Deprecated Functionality: strpos(): Non-string needles will be interpreted as strings in the future. Use an explicit chr() call to preserve the current behavior in C:xamphtdocsprojectmagento2libinternalMagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplateFileValidator.php on line 141 Exception #0 (Exception): Deprecated Functionality: strpos(): Non-string needles will be interpreted as strings in the future. Use an explicit chr() call to preserve the current behavior in C:xamphtdocsprojectmagento2libinternalMagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplateFileValidator.php on line 141 <pre>#1 strpos(‘C:xamphtdocsp…’, false) called at [libinternalMagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplateFileValidator.php:141] #2 MagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplateFileValidator->isPathInDirectories(‘C:/xamp/htdocs/p…’, array(‘C:/xamp/htdocs/p…’)) called at [libinternalMagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplateFileValidator.php:117] #3 MagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplateFileValidator->isValid(‘C:/xamp/htdocs/p…’) called at [libinternalMagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplate.php:268] #4 MagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplate->fetchView(‘C:/xamp/htdocs/p…’) called at [libinternalMagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplate.php:301] #5 MagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplate->_toHtml() called at [libinternalMagentoFrameworkViewElementAbstractBlock.php:1100] #6 MagentoFrameworkViewElementAbstractBlock->MagentoFrameworkViewElement{closure}() called at [libinternalMagentoFrameworkViewElementAbstractBlock.php:1104] #7 MagentoFrameworkViewElementAbstractBlock->_loadCache() called at [libinternalMagentoFrameworkViewElementAbstractBlock.php:674] #8 MagentoFrameworkViewElementAbstractBlock->toHtml() called at [libinternalMagentoFrameworkViewResultPage.php:249] #9 MagentoFrameworkViewResultPage->render(&MagentoFrameworkAppResponseHttpInterceptor#000000004ef2acfb000000006df49413#) called at [libinternalMagentoFrameworkViewResultLayout.php:171] #10 MagentoFrameworkViewResultLayout->renderResult(&MagentoFrameworkAppResponseHttpInterceptor#000000004ef2acfb000000006df49413#) called at [generatedcodeMagentoBackendModelViewResultPageInterceptor.php:193] #11 MagentoBackendModelViewResultPageInterceptor->renderResult(&MagentoFrameworkAppResponseHttpInterceptor#000000004ef2acfb000000006df49413#) called at [libinternalMagentoFrameworkAppHttp.php:120] #12 MagentoFrameworkAppHttp->launch() called at [generatedcodeMagentoFrameworkAppHttpInterceptor.php:24] #13 MagentoFrameworkAppHttpInterceptor->launch() called at [libinternalMagentoFrameworkAppBootstrap.php:261] #14 MagentoFrameworkAppBootstrap->run(&MagentoFrameworkAppHttpInterceptor#000000004ef2acf2000000006df49413#) called at [index.php:39] </pre>

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Target tablet size (768px – 1023px) in Magento 2

Hi, I’m trying to target tablet size. Official doc says to target tablet (768px – 1023px) we need to use

// // Tablet // _____________________________________________ // This will add styles for tablet devices. When using native media-queries, we recommend wrapping your media-queries with media-width Magento mixins or media-target & when (@media-target = 'desktop'), (@media-target = 'all') { @media only screen and (min-width: @screen__m) and (max-width: @screen__xl - 1) { // your code } }

But that does not work.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong since common, mobile and desktop styles working as expected.

Can anybody help me to target the screen size (768px – 1023px) ?


Edit: Ok, it seems to be a bug with the screen variables, because if I do a regular media query like: only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 1023px) {


it works.

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Saving custom attribute in observer for checkout success


Since the $order->save() method is deprecated, would it be enough just to do this in my observer:

<?php namespace MyVendorMyModuleObserver; class SetOrderAttribute implements MagentoFrameworkEventObserverInterface { /** * @param MagentoFrameworkEventObserver $observer * @return $this */ public function execute(MagentoFrameworkEventObserver $observer) { /** @var MagentoSalesModelOrder $order */ $order = $observer->getEvent()->getOrder(); if($order->getMustValidate() == 1) { $order->setStatus('validate')->setState('processing'); //$order-save() - removed since it's deprecated. } return $this; } } 


 <event name="checkout_onepage_controller_success_action"> <observer name="set_order_attribute" instance="MyVendorMyModuleObserverSetOrderAttribute" /> </event> 

Will Magento take care of persisting my status change to the order ?

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m2devbox – easily create modules with pre-configured Magento 2 Docker environments

Hi Magento 2 folks,

I have created a CLI tool that helps me starting fully pre-configured Magento 2 setups for local development.
It is called m2devbox and takes care of downloading, installing and configuring Magento 2 inside Docker containers. You can use every Magento 2 version starting from 2.3.4 (released early 2020).

To make things really easy, m2devbox can create a blank new Magento 2 module, start a Magento 2 instance where this module is runnign in and create an .idea directory with a pre-configured PHPStorm project.
When you open this PHPStorm project, it can index the source of the associated Magento 2 version and you can right away start developing your module.

m2devbox is open source and licensed under MPL-v2. See the repo on Github.
I’m actively developing on m2devbox and will add new features in coming weeks. Hopefully it can save you much time as it does for me!

If you got any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment here or in the Github issues. Every feedback is appreciated!

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PWA for Magento 2

We are working on a quarterly PWA community meetup, talking about the latest updates in the PWA scene, and inviting companies to talk about their experience in adopting PWA for their online presence portfolio. We are keen to know would you have an interest in such an event and what other topics would you suggest for us to include to bring the most value to the Magento community?

ScandiPWA is particularly designed for Magento 2 stores, so for us, it is very important to hear from the community for further advancements of the product 🙂

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Need Help with Magento Feed for FB & Google Dynamic Ads

Hi guys!

We’re trying to create a feed for all 2,800 skus of our products to bring into FB & Google to run retargeted dynamic ads. Every time I click generate I get the following error message “something went wrong. Couldn’t lock indexer, Reindex in process….”

I used the Google Feed setup wizard and it walked me through everything pretty simply, just can’t seem to generate a link to get an upload into FB.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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SPA & PWA automatic builder for magento2


We have created a service that allows you to generate single page application for your Magento2 in just 5 minutes.

How does it work?

You can test it yourself on PWA for magento

Thanks to Magento Rest Api, our service will download your products, categories etc. and then automatically create a Single Page Application (SPA).

After the SPA is created, the SPA will continue to use Magneto2 as a data source and send customers back to magento2 for checkout or checkout can be via API (in background).

What I need to do to create demo PWA for my magento?

We just need the “Read” permission for the Product, Attributes, Pages and Categories, so basically all data that is available to visitors by default.

If you want to test checkout as well, it requires installing our magento module.

How does it preform?

If you are curious how fast your store will be in conjunction with our service, you can check one of the latest implementations, e.g.


At the moment we have one theme ready and the possibility to implement your current, any magento template as well.

Please let us know what you think about our SPA performance and UX on mobile and desktop.

We will be happy to answer your questions about architecture in this topic.

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