Magento 2 Warden Aliases

Warden is a CLI utility for orchestrating Docker-based developer environments.

I am going to share some aliases that make your warden-based development life easier (how? see below).

Category Warden Command Alias Command
Magento 2 warden shell -c "bin/magento <action>" wm2 <action>
MageRun warden shell -c "n98-magerun <action>" wmr <action>
Redis warden redis <action> wrd <action>
Database warden db <action> wdb <action>
Logs warden env logs --tail 0 -f nginx php-fpm php-debug wlg
Shell (php-fpm) warden shell wsh
Shell (php-debug) warden debug wdg
Environment warden env <action> wenv <action>

You can get the alias script from Github –

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How To Import Orders From Magento 1 To Magento 2

Does anyone here know if this article by Aitoc about exporting M1 orders and importing them into M2 is legit and will work?

More specifically, I’m focused on the import behavior options for bringing the M1 orders into M2.

The import behavior option for replacing complex data is intriguing and what initially caught my eye. Still, I’m skeptical because I’ve heard that you can’t export the order ID from M1, and then even if you could, you can’t set the Order ID in M2 when importing.

Replacing existing complex data. If during the import orders with IDs already present in the system are detected, the existing orders will be replaced by the ones listed in the imported file.

It’s my current understanding that when importing orders into M2, by default, the database will automatically and randomly assign the orders a new order ID. Do the Aitoc export/import extensions get around this by actually being able to export the order ID and then set the order ID upon import?

Also, we have hundreds of orders in processing at any given time, and having to keep the M1 admin active and live to manage those orders while also managing new active orders received into M2 sounds like a nightmare. Are there any strategies on how to tackle this?

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Follow Up Email Extension Mirasvit or Mageplaza?

I’ve been trying to decide between the many follow up email extensions available and have narrowed it down to these, can anyone help me reach a conclusion? Here are the links to each one



I think Mirasvit offers better value and also has way more reviews, but my boss questioned me about the AB testing present in Mageplaza and also the google analytics integration (which I’ve not been able to find more information about). Does anyone have any experience with these extensions and could offer some insight?

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Importance Of Magento Development

In today’s era, online business has become more important for growing larger sales volumes over physical business. For promoting these online business portals many Ecommerce frameworks and solutions are being evolved. These frameworks are basically evolved to improve the overall look of the website and its functionality so that a user find it convenient while browsing through the website.

In the arsenal of many frameworks the most prominent one is Magento that has been widely accepted by developers across the globe and now posses a significant community where many developers share there experiences along with helping others in developing marvelous creations. The incredible flexibility, scalability, efficiency and customizable features of Magento are efficient enough to attract the customers in a significant manner. The following factors further promote the Magento development.

  • Cost Effective Source

There are many Magento Development companies that have set up their infrastructure with a very minimal cost as Magento requires very little running costs. The only cost that has to be considered is that of hosting, registration, custom theme development and extensions cost if required. The return on such investment is in terms of high as developers can download, mold or rectify the source code anytime according to the need. In addition to this the connection with the community further improves the issues that arise in different phases of the development.

  • Effective Customer Interaction

A proficient developer must be knowing about the importance of customer service and one should hire Magento developer that has proven track record in producing customer friendly solutions. If done properly then features like account creation, customized form, different language option and currency conversion can be carried out in a smooth and hassle free manner.

  • User Friendly

If the development is not understandable then it is of no worth and Magento helps in creating user friendly ecommerce solutions through which the business holder can create catalogues, add images, review products, manage inventory, orders, shipments and can adjust different payment mode in an effective manner.

  • SEO Friendly

Optimizing any website in SEO is friendly and one can easily incorporate Google Analytics for web traffic determination and customer behavior on site. The admin can easily view the report through dashboard and can bring changes accordingly.

  • Themes and Add-ons

There are plenty Magento themes available online that can be further incorporated to enhance the appearance of the website and functional add-ons for making Magento less complex over other ecommerce solutions that are available in the market. Magento has gained trust of many prominent companies in enhancing their business and can help others too in numerous way.

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Magento 2 Force Login Features Highlights

Magento 2 Force Login Extension provides the store admin capability to impede specific parts of the store for the not logged-in users.

● Prompt the users to log in forcibly with the help of the Magento 2 Force Sign-in module.

● Quick redirection to the login page for the users with the integration of Force Sign in Magento 2.

● To make the content visible to users, they are prompted to Force Sign in Magento 2 store.

● The users are redirected to the login page when the Magento 2 Force Customer Login extension is enabled.

● Enter the redirection URL of the login page and set a custom alert message.

● Enable the Magento 2 Force Customer Login module for CMS and category page.

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Is it possible to set a temporary price of a product to be rendered in email ?

Hi, I would like to ask if it is possible to override the current price of the product on the email that is being sent to the customer? I tried using

but it doesn’t seem to work.

I really appreciate any help from anyone right now, I’m still new with Magento and I still don’t know how things work. I have an understanding with PHP but it seems that setting the price attribute doesn’t work on product object

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