Magento REST API: Product attribute options API format Mismatch

In magento 2.x REST API docs, below output is shown as a sample, the label data based on store views. But when i tried to hit the API it replied only label and value, not able to get store based labels.

Given in doc:

[ { "label": "string", "value": "string", "sort_order": 0, "is_default": true, "store_labels": [ { "store_id": 0, "label": "string" } ] } ]

What we got (tested in magento 2.6 and 2.7):

[ { "label": " ", "value": "" } ] 

Need a solution. I am using community version. If anyone had faced issue or have solution, help me.

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Help needed with picking an AI live chat

Hi all,
I run an affiliate marketing website and I’d like to get an AI chatbot to answer simple customer queries.
I’ve looked at Intercom, Zendesk, Tidio, LiveChat and I’m a bit confused.
I’ve also looked at which helped me narrow down the choices but I’d like to get some real humans to confirm what Cloo told me.
Any help please? What do you pay attention to when choosing?

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Magento 1 & FedEx Integration NOT WORKING

Hi there.

I connected my company’s website (Magento 1.9.1) to FedEx in order to include it as a shipping option.
I set up correctly (?) my Account ID, meter number, key & password.

What I achieved so far: By clicking to checkout the following message appears:

“This shipping method is not available, please specify ZIP-code”

When a ZIP / Postal code is added though, the option instantly vanishes itself, like there’s no FedEx shipping option in the website.
I have already allowed all applicable countries for shipping & set a max 5kg of packages.

Plz Help :’)

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Complete Newbie Question – is their an M2 Module/plugin for customising Football/soccer kits & shirts [colors, sizes, names on shirts, etc)

hi all,

We’re a sports equipment retailer, looking to add soccer kits to our products on offer.

Just looking for a starting point really, not been able to find a plugin/extension so far that can offer an extensive customisation that might be appropriate – have I missed one?

– Are there any extensions/modules that would might help?

something similar to these:

Thank you 🙂

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30+ Hyvä-Compatible Shipping Extensions For Magento 2

Launching your Hyvä store is a momentous achievement, but a smooth checkout experience is crucial to convert browsers into loyal customers.

Hyvä’s native shipping options offer a solid foundation, but what if you crave more flexibility, advanced features, and seamless integration with your existing workflow?

This is where Hyvä-compatible shipping extensions come to the rescue!

This ultimate guide dives deep into a treasure trove of over 30+ powerful extensions, designed to transform your Hyvä store’s shipping game.

To Learn More about this, Click Here:

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Taking away Magento frontend features, whats left from the Menu?

Question if you take away the frontend related things in Magento and use it for Headless, what features would Magento be left with if we are looking at its Menu.

I’m asking because while I love Magneto for its powerful features and broad community compared to its headless competitors. Would it still have as much over the competition if you took away the frontend based features?

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Hyvä VS PWA: Where to Invest?

The world of Magento front-ends is brimming with possibilities.

Two innovative options, Hyvä and PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), have emerged as frontrunners, each promising to transform your online store.

But with both boasting impressive features, deciding where to invest your resources can be a challenge.

Fear not, enterprising merchant! This blog post dives deep into the Hyvä vs PWA debate, meticulously dissecting their strengths and weaknesses.

To Learn More about this, Click Here:

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Ultimate Guide On Hyvä Themes – For Online Merchants

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, every millisecond counts. Customers expect lightning-fast loading times and a seamless shopping experience.

But are you getting the most out of your Magento store? Traditional themes can sometimes hold you back.

This ultimate guide dives deep into everything online merchants need to know about Hyvä Themes, from the performance-boosting benefits to the user-friendly customization options.

To Learn More about this, Click Here:

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Amasty Rich Snippets Product Configuration

For the Amasty Rich Snippets extension, I am configuring the product page structured data. Under “Show Configurable Products As” there is an option to list them as a “List of Associated Product Offers”, which doesn’t make sense to me. All they say in their User Guide is this:

“Show Configurable Products as – the feature lets Google mark all the simple products of configurable one in a relevant way, thus the simple products are shown in the search results as Main Offers, List of Associated Product Offers or Aggregate Offers.”

Does anyone have any knowledge about what this looks like? I’m not sure how it would affect the snippets on Google’s SERPs but don’t want to just change it and see what happens.

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Is Magento 2 easy to develop for?

Magento 2 is a popular eCommerce platform renowned for its open-source code, customization capabilities, and flexibility. The transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2 brings advantages such as enhanced mobile optimization, performance, and SEO.

Take a look at these steps for building a Magento website:

1. Developer Mode: Magento 2 offers a convenient “developer mode” that allows you to incorporate modules and customize code. It keeps a log of all development activities, making troubleshooting effortless. Just remember to switch back to “production mode” before going live to ensure smooth website operation.

2. Varnish Caching: Want to boost your website’s speed? Utilize Varnish! It caches data and delivers it rapidly. You can optimize images, select a fantastic theme, employ a content delivery network, enable flat cataloguing, and even opt for a dedicated server or VPS for improved performance.

3. Extensions: Magento 2 provides excellent extensions that enable website customization without any coding. However, exercise caution not to overload your site with excessive extensions, as they can slow it down. Choose wisely!

4. SEO: Looking to attract new customers? SEO is the answer. Ensure your website performs well and is mobile-friendly. There are available extensions to assist you in optimizing your Magento 2 website for search engines.

5. Custom Widgets: Add flair to your online store with widgets! Magento 2 offers standard widgets, but you can also create custom ones to cater to specific content requirements. Just remember to keep them lightweight and thoroughly test them to avoid any performance issues.


Magento 2 is user-friendly for experienced developers who know PHP, object-oriented programming, and the Magento framework. It has a developer mode that makes adding modules and customizing code easier, with a log of development activities for troubleshooting.

But for new developers or those with less experience in Magento, there may be a harder learning curve. Magento 2 has its own architecture, coding standards, and best practices to learn. Its flexibility and customization options can also make it more challenging to work with compared to other eCommerce platforms.

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