Why Magento Jobs Are Popular In The Netherlands?

I’ve been looking for a job in Magento in the EU since my country isn’t really a place to stay in if you’re trying to excel in Magento. During my search, I’ve always noticed Magento jobs in the Netherlands, and when I try to apply, I find out it is specific to Dutch speakers and most likely not sponsoring immigration. Why it’s popular in the Netherlands? And is there any other countries in the EU with the same popularity but with more room for immigration?

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Lightweight Front Ends such as Swissup Breeeze & Hyva

I’ve been running Breeze Evolution (https://breezefront.com/) by SwissUp Labs for a little over a year now in hopes of gaining some front end performance improvements. My shop is a relatively small one, so I don’t have a huge budget and this seemed like a good option at the time.

After getting things dialed in, I am pretty happy with the results. Using Chrome’s developer tools>Lighthouse, I’m averaging the following scores for both Desktop and Mobile on most product pages:

  • Performance: 100
  • Accessibility: 95
  • Best Practices: 100
  • SEO: 100

This is a huge improvement over previous front ends.

I’ve recently stumbled across “Hyva”, and I’m curious what thoughts others have about it. Would it be an improvement over what I’m using? Should I just stick with what I have, be happy, and STFU?

I appreciate any thoughts/feedback any one has!

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Dedicated server snapshots and backups

Hi, I am currently using a cloud dedicated resources VPS (aka CDS) and moving towards dedicated server for two reasons: High frequency newer AMD Ryzen CPUs models, DDR5 RAM, and NVMe SSDs – all at a fraction of cloud VDS cost.

Issues: My current cloud VPS offers snapshots and auto backups features using the web UI and this is missing in my unmanaged dedicated server. How to achieve snapshot and backup feature? Are there any open source tools to manage the dedicated server?

Kindly note: There are three servers to run the Magento application:

  1. Separate node of MySQL

  2. Separate node of WEb server

  3. Separate node for Elastic search

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Extension to send quotes?

I’m looking for a quoting tool that allows a multi person sales team to send a fully loaded cart/quote to our customers. Also if possible we need to have the ability to not tie the quote that allows a user to check out as a guest if they haven’t yet created an account.

Is there a tool you are aware of that can accomplish the multiuser/guest criteria?

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Our Magento Open Source 2.4.6-p3 hosts more than 320 million digital products (Company pages, similar to this page https://opencorporates.com/companies/us_ca/201600210003) and currently hosted on dedicated cloud server with 32 CPUs and 128GB RAM dedicated cloud server which costs Euro 229 per month.

We need more RAM as Elasticsearch is a RAM hungry application and we need at least 200 GB of RAM to smoothly run the website. We are looking for more affordable server as we are a startup with no funding and we are currently paying out of our pocket. Here are the basic requirements:

  • CPU: At least 20 cores with 2.2ghz on modern CPU architecture
  • Memory: 256GB
  • Disk: 512GB SSD or NVMe (resizable) for the Magento and 3TB SSD (server or volume storage) to host the database
  • Network: At least 1 GB input/output Ethernet with a fiber (low latency) Internet connection, ideally redundant connections
  • Location: Anywhere as we have customers throughout the world

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Built-in “best selling” sort via URL parameter?

With Shopify, we can add “?sort_by=best-selling” to the end of any product collection URL and it’ll sort by that metric.

Is there any similar “default” or built-in URL operator on Magento stores that might be accessible without it being an option in that shop’s filtering/sort-by drop-down that will sort products by best-selling or “popular”?

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Best way to prevent credit card fraud?

The past few years, I’ve seen a lot of orders placed using stolen credit card information. I have set the most secure settings with my payment processor (BrainTree) with AVS, CVV and Risk Thresholds. All of the billing information on the order matches 100% and it gets approved by my processor.

These orders will have a different shipping address than the billing address, which is very common in my industry, as most of my customers are traveling. So it wouldn’t be feasible to only ship to approved billing addresses. Unfortunately this leaves room for legitimate looking orders to ship to a different address and I’m guessing the scammers end up reselling the product.

Once the credit card owner eventually finds out, of course they initiate a chargeback process. When I try to dispute the chargeback, there are no applicable reasons for me to select for disputing. The closest one is something along the lines of “Provide proof of delivery to the AVS approved billing address.”. These fraud orders are often over $400, and I by no means have a high volume shop. So a few of these can really hurt financially! I’ve had 6 so far in the past month.

Also in the past, I’ve tried to submit these kinds of things to law enforcement where the orders were shipped, as well as my own local law enforcement, and of course I basically get the response “There is nothing we can do.”. So these scammers can easily continue to get away with this.

My questions:
1.) What can I do to prevent these types of orders from coming in?
2.) When one of these orders slip through the cracks and gets shipped out, how can I fight it? Or can I? It’s not the merchant’s fault the cardholder had their information taken.

Thanks in advance for any help or feedback!

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Help with Magento site (I know, I know)

I’m trying to help a friend of mine fix an issue with his site, running on an apparently heavily customized I’m no stranger to HTML/PHP, but have no idea how to dig into Magento.

The issue is that some email forms work, and others don’t.

It appears that regular email submission forms aren’t working, but custom forms do work.

I’m trying to figure out what the difference is, but I’m not making much headway.

The email wasn’t working at all, but I was able to install SMTPPro and configure it to connect to the mail server. That made emails generated by the system (e.g. failed payment, new orders based on the shopping cart, etc.) to work, but it appears that the forms based on the email submission don’t work.

Any pointers on where I should look would be greatly appreciated.

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True cost to replicate the following web store

Hey everyone,

Just diving into Reddit for the first time and making my debut post here.

I’m looking to replicate the website “boldcup.eu” for my online store. I reached out to the original developers, but they’ve shifted focus to AI solutions and aren’t taking on web development anymore. They mentioned they used Magento for the site.

I’ve tried finding developers on Upwork, but I’m seeing a wide range of prices, which has me a bit concerned.

For those with experience, what’s a realistic price range for getting a high-quality replica of this website?”

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