Upgrade Magento migrate from Elasticsearch to Opensearch

Hello, good day:

I upgraded my Magento installation from 2.4.2-p2 to 2.4.6-p3, i uninstalled elasticsearch in a kubernete of testing and replace for opensearch, all works fine aparently

I don’t understand at all how works elastic/open search so: I need to transfer any data from elastic to open search? If yes how?

After opensearch installation I ran the command:

php bin/magento indexer:reindex 

Aparently all it’s ok, no data is missing but I don’t made a backup from elastic to open search and i don’t want to lose any data.

Thank you in advance

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Magento 2 Command Line Autocomplete — (Oh My Zsh plugin)

Shameless plug of my long time old faithful Oh My ZSH plugin I created a few years back.




It’s pretty self explanatory, just throwing it out to the o-zone for the first time in a few years. If you use it and there’s features you wish existed for it, let me know and I’d be happy to take constructive criticism.

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Shopping cart rules – i am about to blow my brain out..

I need to do the following: if 3 different SKUs are added to the cart – give 5% discount to the whole order.

So if: 1x SKU A 2x SKU B 1x SKU C 1x SKU D = 5% discount on whole order

If: 3x SKU A 2x SKU B = No discount

I have tried all possible solutions, asked chatgpt, searched the world wide internet. And i just can’t figure it out. Does anyone have an idea how to acomplish this?

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Nuxt 3 and Magento query questions

Ok so I’m building my own storefront for Magento 2. So far I have queries working from Magento graphql but when attempting to query for instance a product details in a .Vue file nothing happens. I’ve checked numerous GitHub repos and there are a lack of Vue based tutorials on the matter so I’m asking here.

How to use Magento graphql to query product details in nuxt 3?

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Is The Meetanshi Extension for Magento 2 integration with Google Analytics 4 Worth It?

A client of mine wants to integrate ecommerce tracking into their Google Analytics 4 property and it seems the only way to do this is through a paid extension like the one Meetanshi provides: https://meetanshi.com/magento-2-google-analytics-4.html Is it worth it? Are there other/better solutions out that exist?

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Introducing Our Own Creation: TBHUB.AI’s Magento Chatbot – A New Era for E-commerce Customer Service

Hello Reddit community! πŸ‘‹

We’re beyond excited to share a project that’s been in the works for quite some time – a tool we firmly believe will redefine customer service for Magento e-commerce stores: TBHUB.AI’s Magento Chatbot. As its creators, we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing a chatbot that leverages the latest in AI technology, designed to seamlessly integrate with Magento, ensuring a transformative experience for both store owners and their customers.
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We’re seeking Magento store owners eager to lead the charge in adopting this innovative technology.

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Check Out our chatbot page: https://tbhub.ai/chatbot/

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Sales emails are being sent directly to me as well as our customers when they shouldn’t be

Really weird error for us and I can’t see where it could be coming from.

Our sales emails are setup to send to the user and BCC to a number of internal addresses. Since last week it’s been acting off.

If a user pays using card, the sales email reacts as expected.

If a user pays using paypal or bank transfer, the sales email is sent directly to my email address, the customer and then BCC’d to everyone in the list. I’ve removed my email from the BCC and it’s made no difference.

I know no one can say for sure what it is with our store, but has anyone else experienced a similar issue and have any suggestions?

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Got a weird one, can’t find any other reports of this

So was doing some tests today after installing the updated ebizmart payment suite (problem is not to do with that as it’s doing it with paypal as well).
So part of my test was putting a test order through so I chose to do a test purchase of an item where the inventory was qty of 2 and I’m going to purchase one.
Order went through fine as usual and can see that the sku qty has reduced now down to 1
But this is where the weird bit came in, I did a credit memo on the order (i’ve tried this with both an offline and online refund) and the qty of the sku went down to 0.
I’ve got magento set so that when you do a credit memo it doesn’t return the item to stock (as we use linnworks for stock management, again nothing to do with the issue as i did the refund before it even got pulled into linnworks) but still it shouldn’t have reduced the stock level again by 1.

Has anyone ever come across this, i’ve googled but can’t find any other reports on this.

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Magento 2.4.3 search issue from search bar.

The users are not able to search for certain products using the search bar.

For example, If I search for MTR, there are no results displayed but if I search for TR, then it shows results. Also some specific products are not shown.

I have flushed the cache, tried reindexing and tried every solution I found on Google.

What might be the issue? Also getting no error logs.

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