Magento 2.4.3 suddenly perfroming very bad epically very slow at loading afther change in indexer settings.

As the title suggests I have been running a Magento 2.4.3 instant on DO for more than 3 months and its performance was ok like loading time was around 1.3 sec. but from the past 3 days, the loading time has increased reaching close to 2.5 sec. The only change I made during this was a change in the indexer settings changed it from update by schedule to update on save. So I don’t have to run the manual corn job every time we add new products. Although I have reverted the changes the issue is still there. What can I do to improve the loading time of the website? I have checked my server, and there are no bottlenecks on the resource end.

I am very new to Magento and still understand this so any advice will be helpful.

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Lockout time frame for Backend / Admin work

using Magento 2.4.6 and notice that when logged in to the admin/backend part of the site I am getting logged out frequently . I know there is a setting in Configuration/Advanced/Admin/ where under Security you will find Admin Session Lifetime (seconds) and Lockout Time (minutes). Both are maxed for me but I am certainly not enjoying 240 minutes without having to lock in again. Are there any additional settings that come into play?

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M3/M2 Pro with Mark Shust docker

Hi, I’m willing to buy a M3 Pro MacBook and I work with a big adobe commerce/Magento 2 project, I have been searching and get confused about the performance that I would get with this combination, currently I work with a desktop PC and I need a laptop to work and personal travels, that said I have three main questions:

1 β†’ I will have similar performance coding in the MacBook as I do in my Ubuntu if I follow those recommendations?
Docker for Mac mount approach

Tuning Docker for Mac

2 β†’ Is a M3 Pro with 18gb enough for running docker, Jira, gather, Figma or I will need 36GB?

3 β†’ If the performance is really worse, is worth it to buy a normal AMD/intel laptop to install Ubuntu and lose some battery life and iPhone ecosystem integration?

If anyone could please help me with that, I would be really grateful!

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Need some help with my custom import tool

I built a tool to pull data from an API and importing that data into new products. It’s a tool to import Magic: the Gathering cards as porducts. However, I am rather stuck at Attributes. I have the custom product attributes created, but I can’t seem to get a value attached to a product attribute in my tool. Here is the code if anybody can assist.

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Recommended Search Provider/Plugin for Magento 2 Stores?

We have a store with over 14,000 products and want to provide the best possible search experience to our customers.

Based on the advice from our former development agency we have implemented Algolia but were wondering if this was the best way forward.

Would love any advice the community has on a search provider and/or plugin that they think works really well and has a customizable search results page.

One of our aims is to allow customers the ability to toggle between seeing only parent products or all the child products in their search results.

Any advice would be appreicated

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Security Patch from 2.4.5-p7 to 2.4.5-p8 may break checkout!

I just ran into this and posted this comment on another post but figured it warranted its own post.

Take note and test this before deploying the latest security patch! It is breaking the checkout on numerous stores because of the change to the CSP policy: For me this is happening on the upgrade from 2.4.5-p7 to 2.4.5-p8.

I’d recommend testing this in a sandbox. I actually didn’t have this issue in my Sandbox and missed it in testing but in my production site it broke the checkout and only loads the header / footer but none of the checkout content. Be aware that if you upgrade, verify checkout functionality immediately and be prepared to roll back if it fails or breaks. I’ve got to dig into my sandbox further to investigate why it isn’t occurring there.

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Architecture for over 100k users a month


Does anyone have a store running those numbers that can share some insights how they setup their M2 and server architecture?

I successfully build a AWS structure for 5k Magento 2 store live users once, but am sure anything over 20-40k will be completely different even more for 100k

I really want to leave shopify but want to start with a good plan instead of randomly finding bottle necks in the way.

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DO NOT USE Cart2Cart For Store Migration!!!

I purchased a transfer of my Etsy store to my Wix store and they ended up not being able to transfer over the 28,000 SKUs saying that is not part of a variant. Wait, what???! How is the SKU not part of a product variant? When I go to “manage product variants” SKUs are part of a variant; just like how the name of the product, the color, the size, and the pricing (along with the SKU) is part of a product variant. Okay, fine, its a bummer that it didn’t work out so I go through the refund request process as now I have to delete the failed migrated products and do everything from scratch. This in itself is frustrating but the TRULY frustrating part is that Cart2Cart is now denying my refund request saying that SKUs do not qualify as a variant.

OH and did I mention that they told me if I wanted the SKUs imported then I would have to provide them with the logic on how to do it? I was flabbergasted that they told the customer to do their work for them. If I could do stuff like that, then why am I paying you guys to do this? The Etsy document used for transfer that I provided had all the information they needed including all the SKUs. It’s not the customers fault or problem if Cart2Cart doesn’t know how to make use of the information provided to them; and if they can’t do it, they need to provide a refund to the customer for the false advertising.

Besides this my Etsy to Wix transfer was full of errors. I had to double check all of the transfers because I kept finding serious problems and fixing them myself. As an example, I had to fix several customer contacts that migrated over wrong. It’s a good thing I went in and manually checked every single one because 2 of the contacts were completely wrong and had other contacts addresses associated to the wrong customers, and it was a mess. I was actually okay with fixing all of this at the time because I was still excited and thinking the other parts of the transfer would go smoothly. What I needed the most was the Product variants and the listing pictures to be transferred over.

Long story long:

I’ve wasted 2 weeks of my life I will never get back on top of huge delay to my online store opening

I have to delete the failed migration and do everything myself from scratch

The issue is with their product but they told the customer to fix their faulty product for them.

Denying the customer a refund when their product completely failed the customers needs.

Side note: They push you to pay extra for “insurance” which does not insure any part of their product for you… It certainly does not protect you if their product does not do what you need it to. And if their product migrates over your data wrong, why should the customer pay extra for the insurance for them to fix it???

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Are 3rd party customisation companies paying Magento to not include certain features?

It just doesnt make sense.

How do you make reviews, but dont make notification email when new review is posted?

How do you make postal code validation that only warns about wrong postal code, but has no setting to not allow to checkout with wrong postal code?

How do you have sitemap generation but dont make hreflang and canonical tags

Integrated shipping, for example Fedex – how do you integrate them just enough for it to work, but be useless? Someone read full documentation and went “multipack shipping and send not only weight but also dimensions of each package? Ha ha ha hilarous, yea that would be NO!”.

It must be on purpose. Probabbly no one is paying magento for that, but most likely magento have figured out that for the sake of ecosystem, they can not include a lot of features. Constantly balacing between “this is bullshit, Im leaving Magento” and “OK, this is pretty nice!” is what keeps platform just enough alive.

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Is there a limit to blog size?

I have a few blogs with around 25,000 characters or 4,000 words. Every time I click save on any of them I get kicked out of Magento, taken back to log in page and nothing is saved. I asked the tech that helps me with the website but he could not figure it out. I know it’s not a time issue as I log in, paste, and save within less than 1 minute, and still kicks me out. Right now I am only adding text and no images as I can’t get past this issue.

I’ve also tried copying from a word doc, word pad, and word count website which removes all special characters and nothing.

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