2.3: Error? Why “mageplaza_layerednavigation” appearing in search results?

Notice “mageplaza_layerednavigation” appears in search results. The issue? Google is scanning the url at the top of the site containing a url such as:


File seems to contain a bunch of information. I was able to make the file 404. A lot are still live in Google searches? Is this a problem? Should we be concerned?

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Integrate Magento 2.4 with WordPress?

Am I crazy or what? so I may be just a few marbles short with my history of cannabinoids usage but that’s not the question here. I want to truly integrate WP and Magento’s latest. The theme, Magento blocks, customers, orders with wp…(postcodes, pages, etc) and it must be SE friendly… big question mark here…

I want to sync users, orders, and any content I plan to publish between the two. I’ve done it before in the past but only used the content published externally. I never integrated users, orders, etc. I want to change this and wonder has anyone else tried, failed, or accomplished such a task? and no I’m not stoned atm 😉

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Complicated catalog_product_alert error Required parameter ‘theme_dir’ was not passed

As the title says I’m trying to track down and fix the product stock alert functionality on a new M2 site (2.4.2). I’m receiving the following when it is run:

[2021-03-04 15:40:02] main.CRITICAL: Required parameter 'theme_dir' was not passed {"report_id":"567cac79916f5e96e5e511defcf48a6e693cbb923b0317e2d97f06788067a911","exception":"[object] (InvalidArgumentException(code: 0): Required parameter 'theme_dir' was not passed at /www/magento2/vendor/magento/framework/View/Design/Fallback/Rule/Simple.php:61)"} 

I’ve checked all public info on this error and most of the time it is due to a theme that was installed and deleted or data not matching in the DB for the theme directory. I’ve checked pretty much all that stuff and cannot seem to track this down…. As far as I can tell all the theme data in the DB and file system is correct.

Also, it is worth noting that when the catalog_product_alert is run, it does set the fields in the DB (visible in admin) to indicate it ran and set it to completed so it acts if it did run and send the email but there are no emails dispatched.

Below is the detailed error report:

{"0":"Required parameter 'theme_dir' was not passed","1":"#1 Magento\Framework\View\Design\Fallback\Rule\Theme->getPatternDirs() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/Design/Fallback/Rule/Composite.php:48]n#2 Magento\Framework\View\Design\Fallback\Rule\Composite->getPatternDirs() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/Design/Fallback/Rule/ModularSwitch.php:50]n#3 Magento\Framework\View\Design\Fallback\Rule\ModularSwitch->getPatternDirs() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/Design/FileResolution/Fallback/Resolver/Simple.php:125]n#4 Magento\Framework\View\Design\FileResolution\Fallback\Resolver\Simple->resolveFile() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/Design/FileResolution/Fallback/Resolver/Simple.php:66]n#5 Magento\Framework\View\Design\FileResolution\Fallback\Resolver\Simple->resolve() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/Design/FileResolution/Fallback/File.php:42]n#6 Magento\Framework\View\Design\FileResolution\Fallback\File->getFile() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/Design/FileResolution/Fallback/TemplateFile.php:82]n#7 Magento\Framework\View\Design\FileResolution\Fallback\TemplateFile->getFile() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/FileSystem.php:126]n#8 Magento\Framework\View\FileSystem->getTemplateFileName() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/Element/Template/File/Resolver.php:60]n#9 Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template\File\Resolver->getTemplateFileName() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/Element/Template.php:224]n#10 Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template->getTemplateFile() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/Element/Template.php:303]n#11 Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template->_toHtml() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/Element/AbstractBlock.php:1111]n#12 Magento\Framework\View\Element\AbstractBlock->Magento\Framework\View\Element\{closure}() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/Element/AbstractBlock.php:1115]n#13 Magento\Framework\View\Element\AbstractBlock->_loadCache() called at [vendor/magento/framework/View/Element/AbstractBlock.php:675]n#14 Magento\Framework\View\Element\AbstractBlock->toHtml()n#15 call_user_func_array() called at [vendor/magento/framework/App/State.php:187]n#16 Magento\Framework\App\State->emulateAreaCode() called at [vendor/magento/module-product-alert/Model/Email.php:368]n#17 Magento\ProductAlert\Model\Email->send() called at [vendor/magento/module-product-alert/Model/Observer.php:356]n#18 Magento\ProductAlert\Model\Observer->_processStock() called at [vendor/magento/module-product-alert/Model/Observer.php:427]n#19 Magento\ProductAlert\Model\Observer->process()n#20 call_user_func_array() called at [vendor/amasty/cron-scheduler/Controller/Adminhtml/Jobs/Run.php:98]n#21 Amasty\CronScheduler\Controller\Adminhtml\Jobs\Run->execute() called at [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:58]n#22 Amasty\CronScheduler\Controller\Adminhtml\Jobs\Run\Interceptor->___callParent() called at [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:138]n#23 Amasty\CronScheduler\Controller\Adminhtml\Jobs\Run\Interceptor->Magento\Framework\Interception\{closure}() called at [vendor/magento/framework/App/Action/Plugin/ActionFlagNoDispatchPlugin.php:51]n#24 Magento\Framework\App\Action\Plugin\ActionFlagNoDispatchPlugin->aroundExecute() called at [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:135]n#25 Amasty\CronScheduler\Controller\Adminhtml\Jobs\Run\Interceptor->Magento\Framework\Interception\{closure}() called at [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:153]n#26 Amasty\CronScheduler\Controller\Adminhtml\Jobs\Run\Interceptor->___callPlugins() called at [generated/code/Amasty/CronScheduler/Controller/Adminhtml/Jobs/Run/Interceptor.php:23]n#27 Amasty\CronScheduler\Controller\Adminhtml\Jobs\Run\Interceptor->execute() called at [vendor/magento/framework/App/Action/Action.php:111]n#28 Magento\Framework\App\Action\Action->dispatch() called at [vendor/magento/module-backend/App/AbstractAction.php:151]n#29 Magento\Backend\App\AbstractAction->dispatch() called at [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:58]n#30 Amasty\CronScheduler\Controller\Adminhtml\Jobs\Run\Interceptor->___callParent() called at [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:138]n#31 Amasty\CronScheduler\Controller\Adminhtml\Jobs\Run\Interceptor->Magento\Framework\Interception\{closure}() called at [vendor/magento/module-backend/App/Action/Plugin/Authentication.php:143]n#32 Magento\Backend\App\Action\Plugin\Authentication->aroundDispatch() called at [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:135]n#33 Amasty\CronScheduler\Controller\Adminhtml\Jobs\Run\Interceptor->Magento\Framework\Interception\{closure}() called at [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:153]n#34 Amasty\CronScheduler\Controller\Adminhtml\Jobs\Run\Interceptor->___callPlugins() called at [generated/code/Amasty/CronScheduler/Controller/Adminhtml/Jobs/Run/Interceptor.php:32]n#35 Amasty\CronScheduler\Controller\Adminhtml\Jobs\Run\Interceptor->dispatch() called at [vendor/magento/framework/App/FrontController.php:186]n#36 Magento\Framework\App\FrontController->processRequest() called at [vendor/magento/framework/App/FrontController.php:118]n#37 Magento\Framework\App\FrontController->dispatch() called at [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:58]n#38 Magento\Framework\App\FrontController\Interceptor->___callParent() called at [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:138]n#39 Magento\Framework\App\FrontController\Interceptor->Magento\Framework\Interception\{closure}() called at [app/code/Infortis/Cgen/Plugin/Magento/Framework/App/FrontController.php:32]n#40 Infortis\Cgen\Plugin\Magento\Framework\App\FrontController->aroundDispatch() called at [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:135]n#41 Magento\Framework\App\FrontController\Interceptor->Magento\Framework\Interception\{closure}() called at [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:153]n#42 Magento\Framework\App\FrontController\Interceptor->___callPlugins() called at [generated/code/Magento/Framework/App/FrontController/Interceptor.php:23]n#43 Magento\Framework\App\FrontController\Interceptor->dispatch() called at [vendor/magento/framework/App/Http.php:116]n#44 Magento\Framework\App\Http->launch() called at [vendor/magento/framework/App/Bootstrap.php:263]n#45 Magento\Framework\App\Bootstrap->run() called at [pub/index.php:29]n","url":"\/amasty_cronscheduler/jobs/run/id/44/key/0fd29e9b1958b4a2c6aa46c42d1866a762e167016a4fcc5c15b64db9e28e9ed4/","script_name":"/index.php","report_id":"a9db4eb2ff477b8c037eca44dc2e9fc40f85a3bac16c5e82208c44f9847af77a"} 

I’m wondering if anyone can give me some guidance on what else to look for to try to figure this out…

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M2 2.3: Base url?

At the top of the site, source-code, there is BaseUrl and instead of showing domain.tld, it’s showing




What is this? What is the static folder? Should I be disallowing it in robots.txt because Google is scanning these urls?

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Can I hack the hacker?

We (Old Magento 1.7 shop) have been hacked by someone that filled in there PayPal account as the only payment method available. In the database settings (core_config_data), I was able to retrieve his api_username / api_password / api_signature. But these fields are encrypted. Can anyone tell how they encrypted? They all end in equal signs.

Any change I can hack back by using his API credentials?

If not, can I disable the encryption, so that a future hacker would leave his credentials exposed?

Related: How could I effectively remove PayPal from the software so I can prevent this hack? I tried disabling Mage_paypal module but it still leaves the config options intact. I would like to remove the options from the config.

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Is it safe to delete items out of quote, quote_item, quote_address

We have some fairly large tables for our quote_* tables. Is this just shopping cart data? Is it safe to delete?

magento.quote_address | 40.74M | 13.27G magento.quote_item | 19.76M | 5.00G magento.quote | 20.98M | 3.74G magento.quote_shipping_rate | 20.16M | 2.32G magento.quote_item_option | 19.95M | 1.16G magento.quote_payment | 19.24M | 1.12G

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Is there an Admin view of the error logs?

Users are getting the generic error message: “An error occurred on the server. Please try to place the order again.”

Developer is unresponsive rn, and we’re trying to troubleshoot to figure out wtf is going on…

Thinking I might just try and generate new keys, but would prefer to see what if anything is in the error logs.

I’m not a developer and do not have command line access.

Is there an alternative way to view error logs?


Ps. I’m also curious if perhaps Authorize.net would log anything helpful on their end?

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Selling on eCommerce platform or marketplaces – what would you recommend?

I am a beginner seller and I’m thinking about starting my own website. Not sure if it’s a good idea though, as I’ve heard it takes a lot of time, effort and money to make it work and bring profit. Would my business do better if I start my own store and put my listings on multiple marketplaces, too? I’d appreciate any advice or insight from more experienced sellers. Thanks a lot!

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Issues taking Certification Exam with PSI Exams?

TLDR: PSI Exams broke for me, and their support is GARBAGE, so I used Examity instead, which worked beautifully.

I am so upset right now, I don’t know whether to cry or scream. I had a certification exam scheduled for 12 noon today. I’ve been studying SO HARD for it. I went to the Adobe Certifications site at 11:45 to start, it’s now 12:25, and I still cannot access the PSI exam.

I click “Launch Exam” and go to a page with a spinning AJAX wheel.

Then, it takes me to a page that says

Failed to start check-in process. You may reinitiate the process by clicking the button below. [Reinitiate]

I already downloaded their stupid Browser program and verified everything.

I studied so hard, so long, and now I can’t think straight. Even if I’m able to start the exam I’m so thrown off that I am worried of failing.

Oh — and PSI Support is TRASH. Their phone number puts you on hold for 10 minutes then redirects you to a voicemail. Their helpdesk ticketing system makes you feel like you won’t hear back for days, if ever.

Has anyone had issues like this?!

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