A past take home assignment for a job interview has me scratching my head…

Hey guys I just wanted to share with you some past job homework assignment, that really stumped me, I didn’t get the job but felt the need to share with you a very interesting problem that I still want to solve just for the fun of it:

• Create custom module for adding 10% off after 4th item in cart, not utilizing cart price rules

I found this method has way too many touchpoints:


it involves, showing discount in cart, checkout, invoice, and email templates, essentially dealing with extending classes, a ui component, and using knockout.

I find that absurd. If I want to alter a quote, I have to do all that in Magento?

Something tells me that method is outdated though. Perhaps someone can shed some light on this. I was thinking of a hacky way to implement this so my module wouldn’t have that many touch points:

why cant I just mock a coupon DiscountRule class with a plugin and just call it a day?

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