Abandon Cart – Third Party Recommendation for Multi Store?

So my cart uses a multi store setup and I am looking at third party abandon cart providers. I been using Amasty’s module for some time now and when it works it works but it’s also very flaky (at times nobody gets emails). I’m also trying to cut down on modules that access so much data, use up resources, etc.

I been looking at Marketplace to see what is out there. So far I’ve spoke to Magemail and ReCapture and both are saying that I need to create separate login accounts with their platforms, one for each storefront. It seems tedious. Obviously the stores have different email addresses and phone numbers for contact, looks and feels, etc and I would like to customize the user experience per store.

Does anybody here have third party abandon cart services that they use with a multi cart setup? Can they suggest a good company or service?


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