AD0-E700 aka Magento 2 Solution Specialist exam

Good day community,

I’d like to ask you If anyone happened to study or pass Magento 2 certified solution specialist test aka Adobe Certified Expert Magento Commerce Business Practitioner (AD0-E700)?

Please see few questions:

  1. What is the learning scope of the AD0-E700 in terms of hours if starting from scratch?

  1. There is provided content in the official article (Exam Objectives and Scope) divided into 5 learning sections. Are all exam questions will be strictly limited up to the provided content?

  1. I will study only from provided content material for around ~150 hours will it be enough?

  1. Is it true that the test covers the commerce edition? That especially the B2B part with sandbox is a must?

Any other experience related to taking the exam, preparation mode would be much appreciated.


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