After a dozen convos with r/Magento giving feedback on my free “look up any company’s suppliers” tool, E.x. Who makes Uniqlo Jeans’s?, I’ve made 125+ changes to ImportYeti and am happy to announce ImportYeti Beta V3.0

Here is the link to the original post.

You can find the tool here:

For those who missed the earlier posts, ImportYeti searches 70,000,000 public shipping records to help you find a quality supplier 1000x times easier than Alibaba alone. You answer questions like:

  • Who makes Fire Mountain’s metal beads? Answer: Guangzhou Tat Metal Works
  • I thinking of buying barbells from Nantong Leeton Fitness Co., the #1 ranking company on Alibaba for the term “barbell”. Is Nantong Leeton Fitness Co. the right supplier for barbells? Answer: No. They are a big company but primarily sell resistance bands. Thus, they likely outsource their heavy metal work creating a more costly and potentially worse product.
  • Who are the top companies & suppliers who import/export under HS Code 42.02.92 — trunks & suitcases?

I want to thank a dozen redditors from r/Magento who gave feedback on ImportYeti so far. It made a crazy difference. It really helped me understand how people actually use the tool and what needs to change. Over the past 90 days, I’ve completely re-done our HS-Code explorer, the hs-code sections on the company/supplier pages, added more search filtering options, fixed around 30 usability issues, fixed some janky technology choices I made in the beginning, fixed around 50 bugs and added a basic user management system to cut down on the expensive site scraping and lay the groundwork for csv export and “save a company” features that should be live for beta V4.0.

I’d love any and all feedback (love or hate)… no matter how brutal, small or crazy : ) I only want to create things that people really love. If you enjoyed this tool, have feelings on the monetization strategy, have any ideas for how to improve it, or found a bug/usability issue, I want to hear from you. Please PM me or comment below anytime

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