Anyone got any experience of working with Yopto in Magento 2?

We’re considering taking Yopto for a spin which largely seems built-in and integrated with Magento (2.4.x) but I’ve never come worked with a business that has used them before and can’t seem to find anyone that has got experience with them.

I was wondering if there is anyone here that has got experience of utilizing Yopto for reviews and ratings in Magento 2 and can offer any thoughts on whether it is painless or problematic (or anything else of relevance).

Our client was going to set up fully in Trust Pilot but it looks like Yopto offers a few features that would be of use to this particular client including cart abandonment and customer loyalty as well as the reviews/ratings management, automated emailing and onsite widget – hopefully which would all be marked up appropriately with review Schema etc.

I mean, it might be my naivety, but I like to think official integrations into the Magento core should run a lot more smoothly that third party integrating or custom solutions.

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