Arbitrage paid for via stolen credit cards: Any good Anti-Fraud extensions?

We recently noticed a flood of chargebacks on our magento 2 webstore, and pieced together a fraud scheme that caught us off guard: a scammer listed our products on eBay for impossibly low prices, then when they sold those eBay items, they used stolen credit cards on our website to purchase the items to dropship to their eBay customers. We reported a number of these eBay stores and filed a police report + IC3 FBI report about these dozen (so far) transactions and have found that the billing and shipping address being 2 different names and locations is the easiest way to spot the fraudulent transitions. The trouble is, my payment processor (braintree) and a few other payment processors I have called do not have an option to decline transactions where the billing+shipping address are more than X miles apart.

Is anyone aware of a payment processor or third party extension with this sort of functionality? Perhaps something that triggers a notification email to admins to review an order before shipping? Unfortunately I am finding this is a scenario that few processors have tools to stop.

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