Are 3rd party customisation companies paying Magento to not include certain features?

It just doesnt make sense.

How do you make reviews, but dont make notification email when new review is posted?

How do you make postal code validation that only warns about wrong postal code, but has no setting to not allow to checkout with wrong postal code?

How do you have sitemap generation but dont make hreflang and canonical tags

Integrated shipping, for example Fedex – how do you integrate them just enough for it to work, but be useless? Someone read full documentation and went “multipack shipping and send not only weight but also dimensions of each package? Ha ha ha hilarous, yea that would be NO!”.

It must be on purpose. Probabbly no one is paying magento for that, but most likely magento have figured out that for the sake of ecosystem, they can not include a lot of features. Constantly balacing between “this is bullshit, Im leaving Magento” and “OK, this is pretty nice!” is what keeps platform just enough alive.

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