How to handle generate Google Business Reviews Authorization Bearer Token?

I am using Google Business Review API, every time i manually copy and paste the Bearer token, how to handle this?, My code : <?php namespace ZeroStorelocatorBlock; class Customerreview extends MagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplate { public function __construct( AmastyStorelocatorBlockviewAttributes $attributes, MagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplateContext $context, MagentoFrameworkAppConfigScopeConfigInterface $scopeConfig, array $data = [] ) { $this->_attributes = $attributes; $this->scopeConfig = $scopeConfig; parent::__construct($context, $data); […]

Magento MultiVendor Marketplace recommendations

I am a newbie to Magento. I saw numerous options, I dont have a budget but willing in to put in the hours and code. I have some experience with php and web dev. Any recommendations for a multivendor marketplace? Ideally merchants would be able to sign up, list products and receive payments. End customers […]

Magento and Insta

Hi guys, I need help. I use athlete olegnax 2 theme on my store and wanted to connect instagram to put it on the front page. What happens is everything is okay with the authorization and connection, but the pictures are not loaded and I get all info for the picture but I don’t have […]

Magento 2 modal: Content is showing on page load

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong because I’m just using the official code from The problem is, that content of the modal is shown for a few milliseconds on every page load / page change and then gets hidden. Modal itself works, though. This can’t be the expected behavior, so I’m wondering what […]

same order multiple aggregated shipping fees

I’m facing a complicated issue with shipping and I’m not aware of something on the market that covers the solution. basically my store ships 3 category of product: room temperature 4°c -18°c now, the courriers separate the 3 items when shipped and ask 3 separate shipping fees. so if a customers orders 1 4c product […]

Mega Menu extension recommendations?

Hi, I’m looking for a paid Mega Menu extension. I already bought Amasty Mega Menu but with their newest update, they completely messed it up. They now use KnockoutJS to pop the menu in after the page was loaded, which in my opinion is an awful user experience. Anyway, do you guys have any recommendation? […]