Admin new order sound notification

This order notification module helps the admin to alert for new orders that arrive in the admin. Admin can choose the option for play sound or speech for order notification. This extension help admin to alert for a new order. The admin will also have the options in the backend to enable/disable the module, choose […]

Punchout Gateway

Hi all, When it comes to the Punchout Catalog process flow in an eProcurement system, is there any data that “leaves” either the buyer’s or supplier’s platform? I.e., do the likes of Punchout2Go and Greenwing Technologies/SCS Cloud process either supplier or buyer data on their servers? Thanks! submitted by /u/leveragedflyout [link] [comments]

How A Crockeries Wholesaler Earned Sales & Traffic | Magento 2 Case Study

Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform providing a flexible shopping cart option, and control over the features, design, content and functionality of the store. Magento is known to provide powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools. In this case study, I have shared a client’s success story about how a well-known custom Magento development […]

Please help me understand layouts…

Hello, I’m having a real struggle with the concepts of layouts, I’ve done a few courses and read an absurd amount of blog posts, but still get stuck on some basics. So for example I am trying to output CMS static blocks into the footer. In app/design/frontend/MyCompany/MyTheme/Magento_Theme/layout/default.xml I have: <referenceContainer name=”footer” htmlClass=”footer-content container”> <container name=”” […]

M2 PayPal express review page designs

I find the standard Magento 2 Paypal express order review page very confusing for customers. It looks a lot like an order confirmation page and we lose a few customers from not selecting a delivery method and clicking place order. Has anyone seen any good designs of this page that makes it obvious that the […]

change cms page link colors via inline css

So on a particular cms page I want to change the color of links that are generated using WIDGETS like CATEGORY CATALOG LINK using the widget/link/link_inline.phtml template. I access Inspector Tool only to find: create-return .action.remove, .form.send.friend .action.remove, .minicart-items .product-item-name a, .product-item-info a:hover { color: #0a2e50; } ​ This changes every link in the […]

Career Advice

I’m pretty isolated in the dev world and this is such a hard subject, I thought I’d reach out and see if I could have a conversation here. I have to create this throwaway as my main account is known here as well as IRL. ​ I’m feeling a bit stuck in my career. I’m […]