A Question about Backup Rollbacks

My server had to be restored from a backup, which has included my Magento store from over two weeks ago. Luckily I did make backups from the Magento admin panel which I downloaded to my local computer. Am I right in thinking that the System backup will include everything, and that is the only one […]

Is it possible to ‘setCustomAttribute()’ in ‘controller_action_postdispatch_’ observer?

Hi, I have an observer for ‘controller_action_postdispatch_myextension_saveUser’ event. This observer should set a custom customer attribute when the event is triggered. This is my observer: $customer = $observer->getEvent()->getCustomer(); $customerId = $this->customerSession->getCustomer()->getId(); $customerData = $customer->getDataModel(); $customerData->setCustomAttribute(‘myattributecode’, $customerId); $customer->updateData($customerData); $customer->save(); It is working when I observe the event ‘customer_save_after’ but I only need it when the controller_action […]

Best dev environment on Windows 10

So I have been contracted for a new Magento 2 project. The client only has one weird demand, I have to use Windows 10. I tried persuading him that almost no developer works on Windows but the client was persistent that it has to be developed on Windows 10 for whatever reason. The problem is, […]

Do you ever do A/B tests?

Hi everyone! I am a beginner shop owner and I am just starting to learn about selling online more closely to make my store profitable. One of the ideas for researching the market that I’ve read about is A/B testing. The idea is basically trying to publish the same product under different categories and with […]

Good Magento 2 book

Hi, if one and only book would be recommended to Magento 2 from starter to kind of advanced, some customization, what would you recommend ? I know Adobe docs are fine but sometimes a bit dry. submitted by /u/Unimegistus [link] [comments]

Magento reverse proxy

Probably answer is available in Magento docs, still, anyone plese can tell me if there a reverse proxy mechanism within Magento installation to have in one install, one machine, several wibsites serving access/requests comming from different domain names ? submitted by /u/Unimegistus [link] [comments]

Magento Store 1Gbps/200Mbps

Is 1Gbps/200Mbps fiber, especially upload of 200Mbps good enough for what king of traffic ? Is it an option to serve dynamic content from Magento and having static assets like product images coming from AWS CDN, for instance ? submitted by /u/Unimegistus [link] [comments]

Magento several websites

I understand I can have different websites under one Magento installation, taht is, different urls, different catalogues. Is this correct ? One database ? Meaning I can have totaly different url’s, different branding, different products, different custumers/orders. Maybe all this under one common database ? submitted by /u/Unimegistus [link] [comments]