Magepack/magesuite config

Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction. Got magebapck installed on a site and have been asked to add a script that where it will only generate for UK only. All I can find are parameters set in the configuration file and –glob on where to look for locales to bundle […]

Know why Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform?

Magento is a leading ecommerce service provider that provides the facility to create and manage online stores. It is based on an open-source technology resulting in a user friendly, easy to use, and flexible shopping cart system. Why do choose to go with Magento E-commerce Development? Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform, embedded with SEO-friendly […]

3 questions

Hi guys, I have 3 questions about Magento Enterprise. Is license for it bought for a) organisation b) domain c) project d) something else? How many times can I use one license? How to buy one? Are there only cost taken from revenue, or are there any additional costs? If you have any sites in […]

Magento 2.4.3 – Payment model name is not provided in config!

Related issue/supposed fix: I put in both fix suggestions and I’m still having issues particularly with opening the Sales > Orders, Invoices, Shipments tabs in the admin. Logs are as follows:Exception Log:[2021-08-22 17:44:56] main.CRITICAL: Payment model name is not provided in config! {“report_id”:”8163fc9886f377c5643748019c6cb7e66fb1744348f02a76fd9eebd1055c2125″,”exception”:”[object] (UnexpectedValueException(code: 0): Payment model name is not provided in config! at /home/public_html/vendor/magento/module-payment/Helper/Data.php:113)”} […]

Delete Related Products with Rapid Flow

Hi, I recently took over management of some Magento (2.3) stores and my predecessor haphazardly assigned related products throughout the site, many of which do not make much sense. We use Unirgy Rapid Flow to manage product import/export. I have configured profiles for importing and exporting related products. I have tested and this works fine, […]

/rest/default/V1/guest-carts/ DDOS attack

Overnight I am getting thousands of calls per minute to /rest/default/V1/guest-carts/ I have placed a recaptcha on checkout, and Cloudflare but still no luck. I can see other people have this issue- But I have never seen it solved. Any ideas? submitted by /u/tylerr82 [link] [comments]

Is Magento dead? OR is it actually not dead?

Hey guys I wanted to ask your opinion! on why is Magento dead? OR why is Magento actually not dead? I’ve been hearing this a lot around the subreddit. We as a small company, exclusively do hosting (and some development) for Magento webshops. I am trying to create blog posts and social media awareness for […]

What plugin does this website use?

Take a look at the following website It pulls product data from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and AliExpress as if I were searching for a product there. I really want to know which plugin are they using for this functionality? submitted by /u/iEmerald [link] [comments]