Meet Magento UK 2020 is on June 17th

I’m so proud to be hosting #MM20UK online this year – all proceeds are being donated to JH’s selected charities, helping those left most vulnerable due to COVID-19 ♥️ It is a wonderful event that brings together everyone in the eCommerce industry from retailers to developers to marketeers. There is an incredible line up […]

What is your M2 local dev environment?

I’ve been using MAMP Pro which is not working out to well. I than set up a vagrant instance with similar result, 20+ sec page loads or timing out, just everything very slow. I’m on a 2016 MBP 16gb and use to developing WP sites utilizing a NPM+Gulp+BrowserSync workflow and 1-2s pageloads on a PHP […]

Facebook Shops

Zuckerburg announced yesterday Facebook shops; in the post he specifically mentions several other major e-commerce platforms, but Magento is nowhere to be found. Do you think Magento will integrate with the platform? FB Post by Zuckerburg: submitted by /u/JaredTheGreat [link] [comments]

Order Archiving in Magento 2.3 … Other than moving the row from sales_flat_order_grid to magento_sales_flat_order_grid_archive … What else happens?

Is it really just as simple as “goes from one table to the other”? Is there any loss of data whatsoever? We’re about to do it for 300,000 orders. Also, have you seen much performance difference after doing this? I’ve warned our team that a better idea is to optimize the columns on the Order […]

Survey to understand the Future of ECommerce

Do you guys believe that the future of eCommerce lies in a very simple but powerful app in our mobile? Yes, it is our communication app like Whatsapp, Telegram, iMessage or others based on the popularity in your geography. We are doing an anonymous survey in order to understand from the eCommerce community here. If […]

Access Compat Errors

I know that these errors in the error logs is showing that the local.xml cannot be accessed and can be safely ignored. The problem is that it is checking every second, so I was wondering if this was common or if I have something configured wrong. I am trying to clean up this project I […]

Magento SUPEE-11314… nah, just kidding! You’re going to want SUPEE-11314-v2.

Just in case anyone missed it, if you installed SUPEE-11314, apparently, you’re going to want to revert and install v2 of this patch. The original patch was released April 28th, and the new version was published on May 12th. submitted by /u/ProudTechNerd [link] [comments]

My Magento 2.3 experience. Is there any hope?

Hello, I work for a company that wanted to upgrade our eCommerce platform from opencart to magento because of all the community support for the platform. Because none of us had much experience with magento we hired a local company to setup the new magento website for us. After about 3 months we got the […]