Apps and extensions offering support for merchants

I’m putting together a landing page/application for various “stimulus” packages and was curious if any apps or extensions had offers as well. Feel free to drop them in the comments or DM me. We’re offering merchants up to 6 months free, and want to find other vendors doing the same. Stay safe. submitted by /u/walkerlucas […]

I built a Magento 2 module that provides collection of utilities meant to improve the experience of developing modules for Magento without breaking existing functionality.

The module includes the following features such as: Twig Template Support, additional LESS prefix mixins, JS Polyfills, Laravel-Like migration syntax, and much more. The module is completely free and open source, criticisms are welcome. submitted by /u/dannydamsky [link] [comments]

Magento 2 & UPS

Using the built-in UPS module under Stores > Sales > Shipping Methods and I believe I have it configured correctly but the shipping prices are wildly out of whack. For example, I had a customer order 2 items, each 74 pounds, shipping from MA to ME in the US, and shipping was listed as only […]

Updating Magento 2.1.6 to latest

Hi all, Just looking for some advice. I’m looking for a developer to update my old 2.1.6 Store to the latest and spend some time improving a few features. I’ve posted the job on a freelancing site but i’m being advised by what seems like a very good company that I’d be better off either […]

Does a vanilla Magento 2 store even use Paypal IPN?

I have a website using Magento 2.4 PayPal are losing their minds emailing me with the IPN notifcation failure e-mail: “Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notification(IPN). IPNs sent to the following URL(s) are failing: If you do not recognize this URL, you may be using a service provider that is […]

An element with a “root” ID already exists

Hey guys, My exception.log constantly has this error. Does anyone has this issue before? I have find in the app/code folder for everything that use createElement function but cannot seems to find anything. Please help me. Thank you main.CRITICAL: An element with a “root” ID already exists. {“exception”:”[object] (MagentoFrameworkExceptionLocalizedException(code: 0): An element with a “root” […]

Error installing M2.3.4 – ‘no key available’

Hello, I’m trying to install a new instance of M2.3.4 through composer and I keep get the following error output to the exception log when trying to install: “main.CRITICAL: No key available {“exception”:”[object] (RuntimeException(code: 0): No key available at /Users/xxxx/Sites/m2ce/vendor/magento/framework/Encryption/Encryptor.php:255)”} []” I’ve set all perms according to the Mage guides, and in a wild moment […]

Restoring reviews tables M1

So my employee selected all my reviews and deleted them by accident and now I’m trying to restore those tables. Every time I try to import the review tables from my backup, it says foreign key restrictions. Is there any guide or direction that can help me solve this problem?? submitted by /u/zvekl [link] [comments]

Magento dropshipping

I’m new to magento and curious about a couple of things. Preferred dropshiping extension (AliExpress, free options?) Payment methods/extensions Configure shipment Configure email Hopefully someone can help me a hand. submitted by /u/itoys-shop [link] [comments]

Magento 2 Cart Add-On

Hey all – I would like to offer my customers the options to “add-on” a product while they’re checking out at a deep discount. Kind of a “we’re shipping you a box anyway, want to add X product at a 50% discount” kind of thing. Any good suggestions on extensions to enable this? submitted by […]

Creating online shop

Disclaimer: question can be stupid So basically I am competitive programmer but complete unaware of how things works on production. I need to create online store; did a little research and decided that Magento platform is good to go. I installed it, but I cannot understand, how is full-stack web development is related to this […]