Nexcess Shared Hosting – Thoughts?

Hey Guys, I hope all is well and you are staying safe during these trying times. We are looking to move our Magento 1.9 site to Nexcess to take advantage of the Safe Harbor program. Do you guys have any feedback on Nexcess as an actual host? We have always have a large AWS instance […]

Magento 1.9 – How to apply handling fees if selected products available along with other products in the cart?

If the cart contains any one of the selected products along with other products that should be applied handling fees and cart contains only the selected products no need to apply handling fees. Here I am using Extra fees module Using the shopping cart price rule, Here how to add a condition like if […]

Multi-vendor and multi-payment

Hi, I’m considering to use magento to help local and small business (mostly small,local grocery shops) to help them out in these corona-times. 1) Is it possible to create apps that are specific for my instance of magento? 2) If I can set up a magento for multi-vendor, does magento have capabilities for each vendor […]

Migration Services?

I think most of you are super educated on the magento scene but I am not =( Are there any places that offer a server migrations/optimization? I want to move my store to a new server and have it optimized with varnish/redis etc. Cheaper the better 😛 submitted by /u/Dontaskwhyokay [link] [comments]

Apps and extensions offering support for merchants

I’m putting together a landing page/application for various “stimulus” packages and was curious if any apps or extensions had offers as well. Feel free to drop them in the comments or DM me. We’re offering merchants up to 6 months free, and want to find other vendors doing the same. Stay safe. submitted by /u/walkerlucas […]

I built a Magento 2 module that provides collection of utilities meant to improve the experience of developing modules for Magento without breaking existing functionality.

The module includes the following features such as: Twig Template Support, additional LESS prefix mixins, JS Polyfills, Laravel-Like migration syntax, and much more. The module is completely free and open source, criticisms are welcome. submitted by /u/dannydamsky [link] [comments]