Hi, i am using Magento 1, and i know they will end support on JUNE. Does that mean i wont be able to use my website any more or there will be just no support? submitted by /u/KukaOG [link] [comments]

Best Magento 2 Checkout Extension

Hello Everyone, In order to save some time, Im trying to find a checkout extension. What do people recommend? For M1 I used OneStepCheckout, however when looking at the options now, Im considering: Amasty OneStepCheckout AheadWorks One Step Checkout FireCheckout ​ Any pros/cons for the options above, or other options I should look into? submitted […]

Magento 1.9 – How to update table values using CSV?

I want to add alt tags to my all 50K products so that i plan to update table catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value. After created csv and directly imported to the table catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value. The value is not updated return error like INSERT INTO catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_valueVALUES (‘7653’, ‘0’, ‘951 Rose P’, ‘1’, ‘0’) Actualy i want to update, how to […]

Newsletter settings not saving.

Hi I am new to using Magento so any help would be great. When I go to my Newsletter templates they show in a list but when I edit them the Preview Template, Save As & Save Template buttons are not doing anything. They where working fine but installed some Security Patches and not working […]