Magento 1 EOL and modman

I’ve never really used modman or looked into how it works. Will modman continue to function after M1’s EOL? Does it rely on any of the code hosted on the Marketplace? submitted by /u/Toast42 [link] [comments]

Magento2: FAQ extension with SEO microdata ( data)

A few of my WordPress blogs that use Schema structured data blocks including FAQ; questions/answers. Now in Google Search Console, Google recognizes these pages as FAQs. Is there anyway to add this feature to Magneto? I have a FAQ page and I’d love for the content to be properly formatted. I see a few FAQ …

Side Job: Need developer to fix some little bugs and get me into production mode..

TLDR: pm me if you are a capable developer and can fix some bugs in magento 2.1.12 and possibly upgrade to latest magento. Hired a developer to fix some small things and upgrade from 2.1.12 to 2.3. It was a terrible experience. Thankfully we still had the old 2.1.12 intact and we migrated from a …

Magento – Odoo connector

Anyone got recommendations for a connector to connect these two services together? I’ve found quite a few online but I’m not sure which one is reliable. Preferably open source but if no choice willing to pay modules to support developers. submitted by /u/GurnSee [link] [comments]

Changing Sku # with Simple Product with Customizable Options (not configurable options)

Hello Everyone, I am working on making some product page changes and have stumbled across something that I have been spinning my wheels on and getting no where. We have pieced together an extension that works with configurable options and it changes the sku whenever someone choose their options which was easy enough to find …