Best way to give % discount off special price?

Site runs on magento 2. I want to run a percentage off sale on selected categories on my magento2 site, but my products already have special prices enabled and the special prices are not a set % discount off the normal price. I need the sale discount to to come off the special price, and can’t see a simple way to do this. Any suggestions? Example: 10% off t shirts promotion T shirt A has regular price of 60 and special price of 25 T shirt b has reg price 75 special price 32 T shirt c has reg price 120 special price 10 I want the sale to give 10% off the special price, which would be 2.5 off shirt a, 3.20 off b, 1 off c. Is there a good way to do this other than directly editing the special prices?

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