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I’m pretty isolated in the dev world and this is such a hard subject, I thought I’d reach out and see if I could have a conversation here. I have to create this throwaway as my main account is known here as well as IRL.

I’m feeling a bit stuck in my career. I’m mid 30’s in a mid-sized US town. I’ve been a web dev for over 15 years. I’ve been at my current employer for almost 8 years, I came in with no magento experience and am now lead magento dev for a team of 3 other magento devs at a large multinational direct to customer and b2b biz using ece.

I am having another child and struggling a bit with bills and making ends meet. I’ve been getting alot of emails from recruiters on linked (just shotgun spam I guess) and the salaries they throw around are always better than mine by a bit). I get exactly 100k salary. I looked up entry level (97k) and median (115k) salary and found that I’m getting paid at the bottom end, basically getting entry level wage, despite 7 years experience and being lead dev. My last raise was 5% last spring, so after inflation a 1% reduction in pay.

I have no certs, I havn’t found time to get them because I’m extremely overworked at around 55-60 hours a week as well as trying to spend time with my family. plus the costs for certs are expensive and I have no room in my family budget.

I do really like the company I work for, they are great people, very accommodating, good benefits, the kind of people who would pickup your sick kid from school if need be. Also they make really positive products that my family is really proud of me for being apart of.

My question is this, do I take this salary information to my boss (who is known for refusing ultimatums) or do I just apply for another job and go somewhere else? Should I start perusing certs via work sponsored training, or outside or work training?

I know this is alot but I’m really just hoping to talk to someone about this because I’m so isolated and feeling pretty terrible about it all

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