Changing Sku # with Simple Product with Customizable Options (not configurable options)

Hello Everyone,

I am working on making some product page changes and have stumbled across something that I have been spinning my wheels on and getting no where.

We have pieced together an extension that works with configurable options and it changes the sku whenever someone choose their options which was easy enough to find on the web.

Something like this tutorial will do this portion:

But two of our older sites that we just migrated over from Magento v1.9 to Magento v2.3.2 (at the moment) and these older sites were built with Customizable Options instead of Configurable Options.

We developed our extension to work with configurable options and now I am going back and trying to add on the customizable options code in so that the SKU changes once they have chosen their options.

I am having some difficulty getting the sku to change, they do have fixed sku’s so its not dynamic or anything. I can have it changed the product name, no problem but having it change the SKU has become tedious.

I did some searching through Reddit, Magento and Google and didn’t find anything that was up to date and would work for me. So I am asking here for guidance to point me in the right direction.

If you know of a good tutorial or something that will give me a good grasp on what way to go, please let me know. Any help is wanted.

thank you!


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