Clients Magento/Adobe Account sent to collections – What to do?

I was referred a client and their account with Magento/Adobe is in collections as they fell behind in payment during Covid. They were legitimately severely impacted by the shutdown. Given the layoffs and closing of facilities they were not able to make the software payments per the agreement. They offered a smaller good faith payment at the time but it was not accepted.

Anyone have any idea how Adobe will respond? Or how aggressively?

We are exploring moving them to Open Source but we would need time to scope then downgrade or migrate. In the past this has taken a year+ . I suggested buying a new license but the CEO is pretty steamed as they have been with Magento since the inception and took this one personally.

I assume they will send a cease/desist with the traditional legal maneuverings. Its been years since I have dealt with this issue and back then it was with Magento. At the time I reached out to people I knew and we were able to resolve this amicably. This time its a different crew. Suggestions are appreciated.

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