Configurable product import problems


Trying to set up a new store running Magento 2.3.2 for some clothing. I have 3 different attributes (color, fit, and size). When I create the products manually in the admin panel, all goes well, but I’m not having luck uploading them from a file. I can upload them without errors. I can see them in the Catalog -> Products list (the 12 simple products and 1 configurable), they all show enabled, but it’s not visible in the site. I’ve cleared the cache and re-indexed via SSH.

The one difference I notice between an item I manually entered (same configurations) and one that I upload is this: When I pull up the configurable product in the list and hit Edit, down in the configurations section it shows all of the various configuration simple products. When I do the same thing with the uploaded product, that section is empty, it doesn’t show any current variations. So my uneducated guess is it’s not linking the simple products to the configurable one, even though the skus seem correct.

Any suggestions? I can upload the upload file if that would help? The only two non-standard things I think I’m doing are:

  • I have each of the configuration values in their own column (e.g. a Color column that has Black or White, a Fit column with Regular or Tall, and a Size column with S, M, or L rather than in an additional_attributes column
  • I’m changing the order of the attributes. The system defaults to Size, Color and Fit (guessing that’s how I entered them originally?), but I prefer Color, Fit and then Size.

Would love any help, as I have a ton of products to enter so doing them one by one would be near-impossible. Thank you!

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