Connector for 3rd party marketplace orders?

We have an interface built to get our Magenta 2 orders I to our ERP (D365).

We currently manually key our 3rd party marketplace orders into our ERP because we haven’t gotten around to building 3 interfaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart) to our ERP.

I thought maybe if we could just do a plugin that gets those 3 channels into Magenta then they would just naturally flow into our ERP.

Does anyone know of a smile way to do this? If it’s a 3rd party extension or service prefer one time cost or low (under $500 per month). Order volume is 2000 orders / $180,000 per month.

We do not need product management, we do that a different way. Just order flow (3rd party marketplaces > Magento 2and tracking back flow (Magento 2 > Third Party Marketplaces.

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