Delete Related Products with Rapid Flow


I recently took over management of some Magento (2.3) stores and my predecessor haphazardly assigned related products throughout the site, many of which do not make much sense. We use Unirgy Rapid Flow to manage product import/export. I have configured profiles for importing and exporting related products. I have tested and this works fine, with one issue…

I want to delete many of the existing related products and import new ones that make more sense. Is that something that is possible with Rapid Flow? I tried importing with nothing in the position column in the import file and that did not work. I have searched the internet and Rapid Flow docs for hours and came up dry… so I turn to Reddit!

If this is not something that is manageable with Rapid Flow, I guess I will have my dev team wipe all the related products for all products before I import the updated related products. Just trying to avoid as much manual work as possible.

Thank you for any help!

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