DIY Store Migration. 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

In our continuously evolving technological landscape, eCommerce replatforming has stopped being something that online entrepreneurs tend to avoid. Nowadays, it’s a common procedure among store owners to migrate from one shopping cart to another without the help of a developer. In this article, we’ll cover the most frequently asked questions of those merchants who are planning to change their ecommerce platform but are at the very beginning of their path.

What is store migration?

Store migration is the process of transferring data, design, and functionality from one online store to another. For example, if you’ve started your eCommerce journey with an OpenCart, but then found out it does not offer the expected functionality, you might consider migrating to another platform like Magento or Shopify.

Why do store owners migrate to another shopping cart?

There are many reasons for cart abandonment, but according to the Cart2Cart inside statistics store owners most often leave their current shopping cart in favor of another due to the following reasons:

  • Technological – when their current platform doesn’t offer the required functionality or it’s outdated and no longer supported by the vendor.
  • Marketing – it has become difficult and time-consuming to manage the store content and face integration problems.
  • Financial – maintaining the web project involves huge financial investments.

What are the most common fears of replatforming?

eCommerce migration has the reputation of being a risky and complicated task. There are 4 main ventures that constrain online entrepreneurs from migration:

  • Time and money. A full-scale migration can be indeed a time- and money-consuming task. However, if planned properly and equipped with the right tools – the time and money spendings can be decreased significantly.
  • SEO. Store migration is…

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