Facebook Business Extension not giving correct pixel and catalog data.

We recently moved our webshop from Prestashop to Magento.

When we did this, we installed the Facebook Business plugin, so we could get Conversion API and our products in Facebook Catalog.

It is installed and we have the connection, however, we are experiencing som pretty big issues

– Pixel data values are 20% less than they should be. This could be due to the pixel gathering data without taxes, as this would match the price without tax

– Facebook Catalog completely messed up. Sometimes there are 200 products in the catalog, sometimes 50, sometimes 90. In addition to this, the prices are totally screwed, sometimes 50% less than they should be and sometimes 20%, 30% or 80%

I can’t find a solution to this, as I’m quite new to Magento.

What could the possible issue be?

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