Finally – Magento Development Made Easy

If you aren’t a licensed partner to get access to official Magento training, learning Magento is like feeling your way around the dark. You have to Google all day long and more often than not there are two or three ways to do something – which one is best?!

What if you could get a module that:

  • Has beautiful and easy-to-access documentation showing you exactly how to do what you need.
  • Cut your development for new modules in half because you don’t have to figure out which classes to inject, objects to instantiate or repos to access?
  • Was built to use the latest Magento standards, future-proofing your own work? No going back and fixing stuff after a new version release!
  • Helps you to quickly on-board new Magento developers to your team because all the answers they have is answered in the module’s documentation (how do I get a product by SKU, how do I get the current store ID, how do I custom attributes etc.)

I’ve started the basic outline for such a module and would love to hear if you would be as interested in this as I am? Let me know in the comments below.

TLDR; would you be interested in a Magento module that answers all the “how do I…” questions you have about Magento? It does all the heavy lifting in the backend and you only have to call one-liners to do everything you now manually have to figure out on a day-by-day basis.

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