Guest “NOT LOGGED IN” customer order from admin/backend?

I know it’s possible from the frontend Magento 2 checkout for a customer to checkout as a guest/not logged in and not have to create an account, but how can we facilitate this same thing (guest checkout) from the backend/admin?

If we take an order over the phone and place it from within the backend, we’re forced to create an account on our site for that customer. Some customers don’t want an account; they want to checkout as guests even if ordering through us over the phone.

Also, we use the Cart2Quote extension for Magento 2, and it forces us to create a customer account to send a customer a quote. We’d also like to avoid having to create an account for a customer to be able to send them a quote. The concern here is that we’re making all these accounts for customers and either having to remember to ask for their consent to do so.

Any extensions or custom dev solutions out there to address this?

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