Hello, having a problem with urls

Hello, I recently deleted a product in hopes of making a new version of the same one under the same url. However, after deleting the product and making a new one, the new prpducts url as some numbers appended to it that increment by 1 on save. Does anyone know how to get rid of these numbers? I’ve tried the cache as well as reindexing the whole database in the admin area of magento.

the url of the deleted product was trafficsigns.com/rest-area-arrow-square

even though I have “rest-area-arrow-square” as the url, new product comes out as trafficsigns.com/rest-area-arrow-square-1257

any help with this? I actually do not have access to the phpmyadmin portion of the site if that is something I need.

Thank you for any assistance, stay safe out there

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