Help Desk Module

I’m looking for a stable helpdesk module for 2.3. I recently tried one from mirsavit and have had some success with other modules of theirs. In the end, for some reason mirsavit could not fetch emails and turn them into tickets. Plus some email notifications were arriving with nobody and instead it was generating attachment.html files that had to be opened in order to access the ticket tracking url.

The team at mirsavit spent a few days trying to work out the bugs. They gave up. Offered a full refund. In the end even with the refund it was a total waste of time and energy setting it all up.

I love the idea of an internal ticket system where I can tag tickets with orders and customer accounts.

I’ve tried aHeadWorks and it pretty much crashed my site with a ton of class arguments. I am sure it has been tweaked and updated dozens of times and I’m gambling if I want to go back and try again.

The reviews on most of these at the Magento Marketplace is minimal but I am open to suggestions.

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