Hours for Magento upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4

Hi all,

We’ve been working with a company for over a year now. The developers are great but I feel the company is overcharging on most tickets because they feel that they can as my knowledge of web development is minimal and they have full control of the server. The latest quote I got from them is to upgrade from version 2.3.7-p2 to the latest version of 2.4. I understand that websites vary vastly in their structure, number of modules etc. but if I can outline the number of hours of development they are quoting us and a rough idea of the website structure, it would be great if somebody could take a look and let me know if this price is roughly fair enough or if they are taking the p*ss!

The quote below is the second quote after I queried the first one

Magento Backend 120hrs (down from 150hrs)

Infrastructure & SysOps 20hours

QA 50 hours

Hypercare (?) 0 down from 20 hours

Deployment 16 hours

Project Management & Specification 32 hours

For a grand total of 238 hour

I’ve read elsewhere that with around 10 extensions, the work could be anywhere between 60 and 90 hours. We have about 20 extensions. I also have a quote from another company who have given me a rough quote of between 70 and 95 hours of work but they don’t know the website as well as our current developer and they’re not specialist magento developers, although they do have 1 guy who would be well versed.

A rough breakdown of the BE work involved:

  • We will update the Magento version, but we will need to check and update all the modules installed.
  • We have seven third-party modules that are mandatory to update due to Magento version compatibility. After updating these modules we will need to check if the functionality used in x project still works and if not we will need to customize it.
  • There are eight custom patches that will need to be revised if they are still needed or need to be updated after updating Magento and the modules.
  • Due to the mandatory updating of PHP to the 8.1 version, we will need to check and update/adapt (if needed), nineteen modules and previous agencies:
    • Ten from x;
    • Two from x;
    • Seven from x;
  • The process of updating and installing the modules requires developer tests.
  • The BE will need to assist and test infra team tasks like upgrades and creating the test environment

I would be grateful if someone could let me know if this quote is completely off the wall or they could be something I’m missing?

Thanks in advance

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