How customizable is Magento?

Hi experts! I’m trying to decide if Magento should be used as my platform for e-commerce and I’m still relative new to it so was wondering if you could tell me some of the possibilities given my use case.

Use case 1 – Membership:

Users in my shop will be nudged and encouraged to get a membership to unlock wholesale prices. If they’re not members, they will still be able to shop but at retail prices so I need to be able to always display both prices and make calculations based on it (e.g. checkout value, savings value etc).

Use case 2 – Custom Filter based not on Product Category by what we call “Diet”:

Regular e-commerce stores allow you to filter based in categories, however, on top of categories we have other attributes liked to the food that we would like to filter on (e.g. organic, gluten free, etc)

Use case 3 – Pre-packed boxes:

We have a deal whereby users can create a box of X predefined items and get a further 10%. Users can Select those items into a “pre-packed box” and add that to the cart whereby if members they unlock the additional 10%.

Requirement 0:

Use of React as my front end

Requirement 1:

Use of multiple analytics services such as Google analytics, hotjar and matomo

Requirement 2:

Use of Search API such as Algolia

Requirement 3:

Use of ERP such as Dynamics

Requirement 4:

Use of ML such as AWS Personalize

Am I able to create all of this with Magento in a way that is relatively easy, not to hacky and that is maintainable?


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