How To Import Orders From Magento 1 To Magento 2

Does anyone here know if this article by Aitoc about exporting M1 orders and importing them into M2 is legit and will work?

More specifically, I’m focused on the import behavior options for bringing the M1 orders into M2.

The import behavior option for replacing complex data is intriguing and what initially caught my eye. Still, I’m skeptical because I’ve heard that you can’t export the order ID from M1, and then even if you could, you can’t set the Order ID in M2 when importing.

Replacing existing complex data. If during the import orders with IDs already present in the system are detected, the existing orders will be replaced by the ones listed in the imported file.

It’s my current understanding that when importing orders into M2, by default, the database will automatically and randomly assign the orders a new order ID. Do the Aitoc export/import extensions get around this by actually being able to export the order ID and then set the order ID upon import?

Also, we have hundreds of orders in processing at any given time, and having to keep the M1 admin active and live to manage those orders while also managing new active orders received into M2 sounds like a nightmare. Are there any strategies on how to tackle this?

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