How to modify locale date number format?

So I’ve been stuck on this for a couple days, I asked on the forums and stackexchange but I got no answre, so I figured I might give reddit a try.

I am working on a platform with 2 store fronts, one in French, one in Arabic, for an Algerian client. The French frontend works flawless, and even though I do not know any Arabic, I did a pretty good job, but for one thing. In Algeria they do not use Arabic numbers, most people can’t even read them. Simply by switching to ar_SA, all numbers are arabic and the date is shown with arabic numbers.

I’ve tried modifying the ar.xml and ar_SA.xml files under vendor/magento/zend…./Locale/Data, and it seems to completely disregard what is actually in that file. For instance, the name of countries is pulled from that file on the shipping page, but if I modify any names, it doesn’t care. Certain things worked, like modify currency formating there.

So if anyone has worked with something similar, I would greatly appreciate the help.

edit: I couldn’t get it to work with the xml, it honestly seems to ignore anything that you put in the xml for dates,it does check for currency, but for dates, it seems to use another file.

I found out you can call getCreatedAt() instead of getCreatedAtFormatted which just outputs the number, which is fine for Arabic.

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