Is Magento dead? OR is it actually not dead?

Hey guys I wanted to ask your opinion! on why is Magento dead? OR why is Magento actually not dead?

I’ve been hearing this a lot around the subreddit. We as a small company, exclusively do hosting (and some development) for Magento webshops. I am trying to create blog posts and social media awareness for the usage of Magento for e-commerce stores. I would love to hear your opinions on this, since I want to create a blog post with all of your comments and opinions 😀

One of the common things I keep reading about is that the price of development is really high, in terms of hiring a developer, and the long hours it takes to properly code and create the site.

I also hear that for some a turn-off is the slow page-speed that seems to curse all Magento-sites.

What do you guys think about this? any new takes? etc.


Edit: If you would like to see the blogpost (it will be posted in a couple days) it will be available on our site: (ill post the link in here later when its live)

or you can follow us on FB or Insta (will make some posts on it:)

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