Issue with Shipping and Sales Tax

My client just told me today I’m doing sales tax wrong. Oops. Was supposed to charge tax on shipping. Magento 2.3.5 is good in so many ways, but some of these config options I get lost on. I configured my shipping to have my tax, and it changed from $11.87 to $13.02. That’s a win! I thought that was great, but the tax part was still $8.95. Shouldn’t that tax part update too? Maybe there’s a config area I’m missing?

I don’t feel like this is a bug that I’m the first one who’s noticed. Not sure what the best path forward here is.

Subtotal $79.95
Shipping Excl. Tax (FedEx – Home Delivery) $11.87
Shipping Incl. Tax (FedEx – Home Delivery) $13.02
Tax $8.95
Order Total Incl. Tax $100.77
Order Total Excl. Tax $91.82

Thanks for taking a look! Appreciate it.

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