LiteMage – Yay or Nay

Context – We are developing a store with ~8500 SKUs at launch and another 5000 SKUs which are going to get uploaded over the next couple of months.
Our current store gets around 1k-2k visitors a day depending on seasonality and ~50 orders a day but these are both numbers we look to boost once we shift to magento with advertising etc.

With the new Google Algo update coming up, I’m more concerned than ever about site speed.

We are hosted on Cloudways on a Digital Ocean Server based out of India as our store is in India.

Heard very good reviews about how great LiteMage is so was wondering is it something worth pushing our dev team to do. They seem to be confident that their optimized set up will be enough but algo update paranoia still lingers.

Hence turning to the wisdom of fellow redditors for their experience and advice on whether to consider LiteMage or not and your experiences using it.

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