Local Dev Environments


I have no doubt that this question has been flogged to death, but I am really struggling to get a decent local dev environment running.

I’m on a MBP with 8GB RAM, 2.3GHz dual core i5.

I have tried Valet, Valet-Plus, and now Warden. I use M2 Cache Clean drop in so I’m not flushing all caches unnecessarily, but cannot get below a 15 second cold page load, which just doesn’t feel right.

I flick between Laravel and M2 and the experience is night and day. I appreciate the extreme differences between what they are, and it’s comparing apples to tractors, but how can ppl dev like this? It’s infuriating.

Please someone tell me I am a fool and doing something wrong (and hopefully point me to what that wrong is), or is this just what I have to live with when working with M2?

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