Local Magento 2 docker setup recommendation

I’m getting back into Magento 2 after years being away from it. Don’t really want to honestly, but a good M1 client of mine has their mind set on it. I had used MAMP years ago briefly to debug a site for it, but I’m looking for a Docker setup this time. I’m seeing a lot of github repos.. Do you guys have any recommendations based on your professional experience?

Some options I see are:

https://github.com/magento/magento-cloud-docker: claims to part of their cloud (I assume paid) product, but looks like you can take parts of it and make your own docker compose?

https://github.com/fballiano/docker-magento2: I’ve heard of this guy’s name many times in my M1 days. However, this setup seems to have been intended for production and has too many containers for a local setup for my liking. Maybe it’s still good?

https://github.com/markshust/docker-magento: not familiar with this developer, but his offering seems to be extensive. He has a free course on it, too.

I’m planning on checking out a few options, and would love to hear your experience or options!

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