Looking for Pricing Advice for Magento Commerce License

For starters, I made a new account to begin interacting more with the ecommerce community separate from my personal account I have had for years; incase anyone wonders about my account tenure on the forum.

As stated in the title I am looking for pricing advice on Magento Commerce. I am in a current negotiation to move to the platform for a few reasons. I have been operating the current business for a little over 7 years at this point, in that time I have made the jump from M1 open source to M2 open source. My company had a falling out with the previous company that did our management over those moves forcing our hand to move to a new site management team as our site at the time was not functioning nearly close to the capacity that it should. In that move and minor rebuild I wanted to move from Apache to NGINX and I made a few minor tweaks but overall was not looking to completely rebuild at the time.

The time has come to integrate a new inventory and ERP system (most likely NetSuite) and while we do this I also want to make the move to Commerce from open source M2. I am looking to do this because right now we do not have a full time programmer in house and not looking to get one for a few years, we are putting capital to other aspects of the business to grow there and then will look into that. What I need to the ability for my sales people to be able to make adjustments and try things on the fly and just work, I am tired of the small bugs here and there that can be worked out by a programmer but we lose time and there is an aspect of frustration. The drag and drop functions that Commerce offers are very enticing to me, I know that seems simple but running a leaner business for now it really helps to have WYSIWYG built in for simple changes to try.

Of course additionally the speed, extension integration, direct working APIs, ect are a big plus. Two of the drop ship distributors we use for a lot of volume have Commerce plug ins, this alone helps a ton.

So there is a little background for the business and where we are, I am not looking to build from the ground up but in a few years I do believe a headless approach will be my focus. For now I am looking to get the site where I want it for my employees to operate and experiment while I work on overall product data structure and automating and programming the business to work to the mostly headless solution.

We do about 3.5 to 4M/yearly in revenue on the site itself, that does not include the custom large ticket items ($70K+ each customer) we advertise and create for people who want a full turn key solution; we sell parts and vehicles and are in that industry.

My question is, what seems a fair price for a 3 year contract or what are you paying if you do not mind me asking and are in a similar revenue stream. Even if higher, I would like to know so I can gauge it with my current quote – 23K/yr for a 3 year. I will be doing on-prem and not using their cloud as I have no interest in that.

Some advice on if this is a good contract deal or not is what I am looking for and if I am leaving anything on the table; any opinions are appreciated.

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