M3/M2 Pro with Mark Shust docker

Hi, I’m willing to buy a M3 Pro MacBook and I work with a big adobe commerce/Magento 2 project, I have been searching and get confused about the performance that I would get with this combination, currently I work with a desktop PC and I need a laptop to work and personal travels, that said I have three main questions:

1 → I will have similar performance coding in the MacBook as I do in my Ubuntu if I follow those recommendations?
Docker for Mac mount approach

Tuning Docker for Mac

2 → Is a M3 Pro with 18gb enough for running docker, Jira, gather, Figma or I will need 36GB?

3 → If the performance is really worse, is worth it to buy a normal AMD/intel laptop to install Ubuntu and lose some battery life and iPhone ecosystem integration?

If anyone could please help me with that, I would be really grateful!

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