mage2me – a Magento Community/Commerce download client with practical validation

mage2me is a command line tool that not only downloads Magento, but also has built-in validation for Magento’s composer credentials; GitHub token; and Magento version validation for both composer and GitHub (for dev branches).

Prior to download, mage2me will ensure everything is good to go and report back with helpful validation messages.

For a traditional Magento install:

./mage2me download my-new-app  --mage-edition "Open Source"  --mage-version "2.3.5"  --github-token $GITHUB_TOKEN  --mage-access-key-public $MAGENTO_PUBLIC_KEY  --mage-access-key-private $MAGENTO_PRIVATE_KEY cd my-new-app composer install 

To try out a dev branch, perhaps 2.4, just pass --dev and the branch name to --mage-version.

./mage2me download my-new-app --dev  --mage-edition "Open Source"  --mage-version "2.4-develop"  --github-token $GITHUB_TOKEN  --mage-access-key-public $MAGENTO_PUBLIC_KEY  --mage-access-key-private $MAGENTO_PRIVATE_KEY cd my-new-app composer install 

Composer’s auth.json will be automatically configured for Magento and GitHub.

I’d love for everyone to give this try and to let me know how this is it isn’t helpful.

p.s. One feature coming down the pipeline is the --dev-env option which will attach your preferred dev environments such as docker, Lando, vagrant, etc.

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