Magento 2.3.5 – Something is eating server memory and causing 500/502 errors

Hi There. We recently switched over to 2.3 (from 1.9 because of the inevitable EOL / paypal support) we have a relatively small shop (600 products, ~700 visitors per day) and it has been causing us some issues lately. we’d get random 500 / 502 bad gateway errors / server resource errors. I’ve looked at our server usage and it seemed they correlated when we were using our allocated 4gb of ram. nothing in our exception/debug/system log to point us in any direction and our webhost has blamed these on nodes being temp overloaded (not even by us even though we were right at 3.99gb)
Anyway, today i upgraded our hosting plan from 4 to 5gb, after watching the usage slowly creep up, it started going past 4gb and I’m worried something is going on that will cause it to just keep growing. I’ve looked into my cron setup, only a couple of errors in the list i nuked. I would have thought 4gb would be plenty for a store our size, now I’m worried 5 may not be enough. anyone ran into something similar and can point me in the direction of things to look into?
Should probably mention, looking at CPU history on the server, we’re not, and never have utilized a single core from our 4 available, its purely a memory thing.

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