[Magento 2] “Not all of your products are available in the requested quantity.” when shipping. inventory_source_item table not updating.

I enabled inventory (MSI) on our Magento 2.3.1 store a couple months ago due to COVID causing too many orders of products that we couldn’t get. I automatically import stock from suppliers at 4 AM every day and everything works perfectly except for when we try to ship an order.
-Customer places an order
-On the backend we hit “Invoice” to charge them
-When we physically ship the order we then go back and hit “Ship” –> “Submit Shipment”
-We’re hit with a “”Not all of your products are available in the requested quantity” error and can’t complete the shipment.
I’ve found that the inventory_source_item table is not being updated with the correct quantity after product stock import and reindex. All products show a qty of 0. However, if I go to a product on the backend and hit “Save”, the qty gets updated in that table and I can then ship the item. I’ve checked cron jobs and manually reindexed dozens of times to no avail.
There is a patch note in the 2.4 beta that looks like it might fix this:
“The Stock Indexer is now triggered as expected after import and updates product status. Previously, the Stock Indexer did not index the changed product inventory data.”
But I’m not sure if that will fix my issue or other issues with stock status other people have been experiencing. So I’d like come up with a solution now.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

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