Magento 2 Progress (Is it worth it?)

Running 4 x Magento 1 stores. It does absolutely everything we want it to and is easy to develop on. We priced out Mageone and are looking at around $20k / year just to get access to patches. Not sure how long that will last either.

We tried putting up a Magento 2 instance early last year and it was a disaster working in the admin with cache turned off. Generally when we’re on a development server we keep cache off until we’re ready to test (or depending on what we’re building). It would take 10-20 seconds just to load one view in the admin area. It seems odd that they would cache the admin side. Maybe someone created a fix for this?

The other thing I’ve heard is that M2 forces you to use their multi stock inventory. We use multiple warehouses but have shipperhq solving all of those headaches, and haven’t had a problem for years. Obviously Magento 2 has some extensions that I’m interested in, but even the front end seems slower.

What to do?

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