Magento 2 upsell and downsell


I’ll try to explain as basic as possible. I wonder if there are any plugins/modules close to my request below.

We have a page. On this page, some information about the product is shown. At the bottom, we have payment details for the customer to fill in. Customer clicks ‘Buy now’ at the bottom of the page.

This should take the customer to a separate upsell page, offering them a bundle pack. The customer can click yes, and get to the “thank you” page. If they click no, they should get to a downsell page.

Same as above, on this downsell page, yes->thank you page, and no-> another downsell page.

Lastly, the second downsell page should take the customer to the thank you page with either selection.

If clicking yes on some of the offers, the products should be added to the order.

I hope my explanation is understandable. Please give me some advice if any module/plugin exists that can do this, and if so, should there be any limitations in regard of my description above?

Excuse my English, it is not my mother tounge.

Best regards, Ludvig

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