Magento 2 Warden Aliases

Warden is a CLI utility for orchestrating Docker-based developer environments.

I am going to share some aliases that make your warden-based development life easier (how? see below).

Category Warden Command Alias Command
Magento 2 warden shell -c "bin/magento <action>" wm2 <action>
MageRun warden shell -c "n98-magerun <action>" wmr <action>
Redis warden redis <action> wrd <action>
Database warden db <action> wdb <action>
Logs warden env logs --tail 0 -f nginx php-fpm php-debug wlg
Shell (php-fpm) warden shell wsh
Shell (php-debug) warden debug wdg
Environment warden env <action> wenv <action>

You can get the alias script from Github –

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