Magento Announces Offerings to Help Small & Mid-Sized Companies!!!

I was really excited to see this. Then, I read this Magento offering for “Small” businesses is offering 3 months of Magento Commerce for free. So you sign on for a product that you’ll typically stick with for what, at least 36 months? Then, you get 3 months off to help seal the deal since your cash flow may be hurting right now? Isn’t that something that the sales team could have already pulled off in terms of discounts? That’s less than a 10% discount if you think of a website lasting at least 3 years.

A Magento Commerce license starts at what, $20k to $50k per year? I don’t see how this is an offering to help Small businesses. If all that Magento can offer is an ~8% discount on its enterprise product, is this really something that needs to be publicized as support for businesses impacted by the Coronavirus crisis? It’s not like after the 3 months you can switch to something else without losing your shirt on your development investment, and that’s assuming a long-term contract isn’t required, which I’d doubt would be the case.

I’m hoping that I’m just reading this wrong, but the other terms don’t seem like anything special. They’re offering to spin up the account within 2-weeks, which doesn’t seem like a major feat… Someone help me out here. I must be missing something.

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