Magento Cloud Docker – OOM issues during setup:upgrade (redis)

When running docker-compose run --rm deploy cloud-deploy It makes it through almost entirely, but then during the last stages of setup:upgrade, specifically the “Processing configurations data from configuration file…” step, I see a fatal error:

mmap() failed: [12] Cannot allocate memoryFatal error: Out of memory (allocated 235208704) (tried to allocate 6451432 bytes) in /app/vendor/colinmollenhour/cache-backend-redis/Cm/Cache/Backend/Redis.php on line 1254 

if I run docker-compose run --rm deploy php -r "echo ini_get('memory_limit').PHP_EOL;" I see:

Creating gh2-cloud_deploy_run ... done 4G 

If I watch the docker image stats, it’s erroring out right around 256mb of memory. I’ve already allocated about 10gb of memory to docker via resource settings in docker desktop, and set the memory_limit in docker-compose.yml to -1.

Does anyone know where this memory limit of 256mb is coming into play? I would be most appreciative for a lead.

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