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I’m having issues with migrating data from a staging branch to integration branch. Basically we haven’t used integration branch in months, so we decided to force push the git files from stage to Integration so we can start using sub developer branches. What I’m asking the community (only magento cloud users) is what is your “local development” process?

1.) Do you start on your local docker, then push it up to integration?
2.) Or do you code directly on a sub integration branch via SSH/SFTP (on phpstorm)
What is the reason for either 1 or 2? Pros or Cons?
Example: Pro: using local docker you can test easier on your local. Con: Coding directly on integration doesn’t allow xdebug?

1.) Do you keep each sub integration branch as your development workspace that is never removed and keep all your git branches pushed to your int branch?
2.) Or do you use each sub integration branch as a “feature” branch that may be the only code needed to test before pushing it up to staging… and then remove the sub integration branch and spin up a new one from the parent integration branch? Thus giving a clean magento store.

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