Magento Site to new host


Bit of a newbie Magento question here.

I’ve taken on a new e-commerce client, who wants me to take over day to day tasks on their Magento site.

This is my first time working in Magento, though I have many years experience in other ecomm platforms.

The client wants me to set up their Magento site on a new host, update it to the latest version (as they’re currently on a version which is no longer supported (I believe it’s 2.2.x) and to install a new theme.

Basically, my question is what’s the recommended way for transferring a Magento site to a new server.

The two ways I can think of are:

  1. Do a fresh installation of Magento on the new host and export/import the product data and order history over (I assume there’s either a built in way to do this or a plugin)
  2. Basically zip the full site + database and upload it to the to the new new host, then update any hardcoded IP configs, etc.

Any recommendations would be appreciated and I look forward to becoming a regular on this sub as I’m sure I’ll have plenty of other questions along the way!

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